This is worrying - SlideMe ban andromo apps

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"Applications created using third-party web application builders (such as Andromo, AppBuilder, AppGeyser, AppInventor, AppMaker, AppsBar, AppYet, Conduit, iBuild, SeattleCloud, Tiggzi, etc.) rather than developed with native code by the account users are no longer being accepted on SlideME."

If Google follow suit it could be disastrous.


  • Interesting. However, to be fair, I don't think Google takes any direction from niche app stores... I'd never heard of 'SlideME' before.

    It's a bit contradictory as well, as Andromo is different than those other 'HTML' based app makers. We actually do generate native code Android apps. They are indistinguishable from apps you create using Java and the Android SDK...
  • I wonder if they only look at the java package name? I might try submitting a different app with a custom Java package name. 

    I think their objection is not that the apps are HTML based but that they have not been built individually in the SDK.

    And yes not being able to publish on SlideMe is not a biggie. Its only Google that would worry me, Although as you say they don;t really pay attention to anyone else :)
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    I think we'll be fine.  I've seen plenty of Andromo apps at the top of search results in their respective categories on Google Play.  We actually stand out in a good way :)
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    Think of it this way: Google's whole purpose is to help people find things in a useful way. Apps are just like Websites when thought of like that. Google ranks good and bad websites, just like good and bad apps. The bad ones are not 'excluded', they just get pushed down out of view. The good ones rise to the top according to different algorithms. But they're all there... I wouldn't sweat it. Useful apps are useful apps and Google knows it!
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