Large APP File (40 MB) Will people download?

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Hey guys, so I've been creating apps and some of them are quite huge. Because I've uploaded pdf's that are quite large in size making the app rather large. Will people download an APP that large?

I mean I could save the PDF file as a HTML file and upload it my web server and host the images from there and add it as a custom page, but it wouldn't look as nice and professional as it does now.

Your thoughts?


  • People generally prefer to download smaller apps. I'd personally do everything I could to reduce the size of your data. PDF files can generally be compressed very well, so you must have some very high quality settings configured in your PDF generation...
  • @lookzor Yup, people generally want smaller downloads. You can reduce your PDF to less than 1 MB by installing Bullzip PDF printer, opening your PDF document, and printing it (again) in PDF.

    That's how I solved the issue of one of my customers. Hope this helps. :)
  • lol! Nope the guide is 509 pages long with images. Printing again with a virtual printer which I already did only reduced it by 2 MB, further saving it as a reduced sized PDF removed another 10 MB, and then I used the split command to make it into 3 guides, and redid the printing and reducing method to shave off another 3-4 mbs lol. That's as low as it was going to get!

    Turning it to HTML made the file even bigger with all the source code needed. So I found a way to upload the guides as websites and for them to fit mobile screens, and that worked so I now have 2-4 MB APPS :)

    Now to continue with the plan, mission to 1000 APP uploads lol. Each APP is quite good compared to the ones I see around, and I can after a lot of practice and tweaking my process get it done in around an hour if I'm fast :D Aiming for 10 APPS a day, I've done 20 so far last 2 days!
  • Seriously, Host your PDF files in the cloud and ACCESS them only through the App - NO-ONE wants to download 40MB unless it's a high-end game like FIFA or something.
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