Website Activity? Does it show referral source?

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On some of my APPS I send people to websites via the website activity. First, my question is this copyright infringement sending someone to a website via your APP, or perfectly legal?

Second, if not or if you don't know, when sending them via the APP does it show the website owner where the user is coming from or is it classed as direct traffic?

Please let me know admins :) 


  • How could sending someone to a website possibly be considered copyright infringement??
  • 1) It's not a copyright infringement, but Google Play's guidelines tell you not to link to websites, which are not yours or you don't have a consent from site's owner.

    2) I guess it's seen as direct traffic only.
  • The website activity works exactly like the default Android web browser. As for legal questions, you'd need to consult a lawyer for legal advice, however a good first start is referring to a site's terms of use document. Most websites want you to link to them - it's the basis of the web and why it works... Misrepresenting your relationship is another issue entirely.

    Based on your question though of 'hiding' what you are doing, doesn't really sound like a great approach. If you think what you're doing is wrong, you should contact the site owner and ask them.

    Good luck with your apps!

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