interstitial tapgage ads (and when the first ad should appear).

I love the Tapgage Interstitial Ads - really effective and vibrant - Just one issue I'm having.  I don't like the fact that the first Interstitial ad appears before the first activity is opened - I feel it would be more effective to wait until after the first activity but before the second maybe.

I love using Andromo - keep the updates coming! 5STAR!


  • I can dig what you're saying. I was sort of feeling the same way on Friday while playing around with different timings. It's all based on an timer, which starts at 0 with the display of an interstitial immediately upon opening an activity right now. The next one of course doesn't show up for 15 - 20 minutes (whatever you have that set to). But, it might not be a bad idea to put a few minutes of delay on that first interstitial appearance so people get into your app a bit - hook them into your content before presenting an interstitial...

    I'll bring it up at our dev meeting on Monday and see what we can do!

  • Hi Colin,

    I am new to this and just developed my first app, its a great platform and I am seriously considering using it and getting a subscription.
    Just one query related to above discussion, Can I control the Ads that are displayed in my app?
    And can I disable them if i want?
    I just created an academic reference app, and the pop up ad on my first click was a semi-nude game character.
    I guess you understand my concern.

    I wish to build mostly Ad free apps.
    Kindly advice.

  • Hello,

    yeah, it would be cool, if we could decide, when to show the first ad.

    Showing it with the first activity doesn't bother me, tho. I've seen some successful games, which show 2 interstitials, before letting you move on to the actual game, and then there is AdMob. No user complaints whatsoever (at least I wasn't able to find enay in regard to this).
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    Thanks Colin for timely response! Appreciated! 

     I think the Ad options are great. I'm using all options now as I have just started with MobPartner (that could be really good!) 

    Fair comment to hendrix s who's not too bothered about seeing ads first, i would agree myself but i think it is a safer option as some people may get the impression that the App is loaded with ads and may be put off.

    I think the best thing about the Interstitial is how effective it is with click thru's and not as obtrusive as i feared.

    I have Pingjam but it has never done anything...  May be that's because it's not so big here in UK, and I'm not in London so...

    Loving using Andromo - It's still the best out there! keep the updates coming!  5STAR

    **Note to RAHULS --- Yes you can customise the categories that show in your App, just do it in the settings of your AdMob / Tapgage Account

    I would recommend Andromo to Anyone who wants to create Android Apps!


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