A few questions before I buy this program, iphone dev to convert to andriod.

Iam an indie dev who is very interested in andriod development . I happen to come across this tool by luck after using app inventor and this is far easier plus much more powerful program I almost feel as Iam cheating. I have a couple of questions before I buy this program

1) I had trouble with Adsense in the past, so I cant use admob. Is Tapage and mobpartner as good enough AD company to make $300-$400 a month?

2) Does Andromo make google play ready apk's or do I have to use eclipse?

3) Does the 99$ a year mean I can make as many apps as I want or is there some limit?

Iam very serious about this comming from iphone devement, since apple made all these rules changes I decided andriod would be a better platform to make apps for. Also I see there is no game making component , will there be one in the future?


  • Hi pixelpower,

    before you get an official reply, here are my two cents:

    1) This very much depends on your traffic.
    2) Andromo makes Google Play ready APK's.
    3) You can make as many apps as you want.

    Btw, what rules did Apple enforce that made you come to Android?
  • Ok I used to make games with game editor. In game editor you can only make one resolution no auto scaling. Apple says you must support both retina and wide screen which was impossible with the tools I use. Also they changed guidlines as far as graphics which each person who approves apps use at there own judgement, which some can disapprove you for an icon after 7 to 10 day waiting period. There are more rules changes but those are the biggest, plus andriod stock has soared since apples last rule change.
  • Thanks for explaining that.
  • Hey pixelpower!

    I believe hendrixs answered your questions correctly (thanks hendrixs!), but let us know if you need anything else. We've been continually expanding Andromo, adding in new ad networks as we find good fits and have a couple more currently in the works. There are some good threads on the forums here about what people are doing to increase their revenue and what works for them. Some members are doing fantastic, but like most things in life, sometimes you need to try a few things, measure the results, tweak and then try again.

    A recent blog post you might find helpful:


    Colin from Andromo

  •           Thanks for the responses!! I made a developers account with googleplay yesturday but it says I have to wait till 48 hours before any app I made can go live because of payment processing. I also made an account with tapgage and put some ADs on 3 sites that I made blogs on and it works on mobile devices showing ADs. Mobpartner says I need an app already on googleplay before I can sign with them so I have to wait for that.

       I also have one more question reguarding the HTML5 component . I decided to learn HTML5 so in the future I can make apps and games using that. So if I learn HTML I can hand code the apps into andromo ?
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