How can I add a home button for "Webpage" activities

For example I make a webpage activities pointing to ""

In the apps when people click and went to and want to switch back to the homepage, is there any way i could add a home button for them?


  • any answers??
  • The apps 'home' button will always take you back to your Dashboard. If you disable the Dashboard, it will take you back to your top level activity. Additionally, the Nav bar will navigate the user to whatever activity they wish to jump to.
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    You can use the Andromo Activity identifier like this:

    <a href="andromo://dashboard">Go Home</a>

    This will link to your dashboard (homescreen)
    This works for ANY Andromo activity!

    On the EDIT page of any activity (near the SAVE button (to the right))
    you will see the Andromo link reference: Glyphicons_halflings_143_link andromo://youtube31133

    May be you need to create your own HTML page which "shows" Yahoo/sport whereby you can add the above custom link to a webpage (that is being viewed from within the App)

    BIGUP Andromo!

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