Android Programming from Beginner to Advanced...

The Android Programming forum category is here for talking about Android programming and development. Specifically, it's for things that go beyond the basic 'Andromo' App Maker for Android stuff. So, this section can get a bit technical!

Topics that fit here include:

  • Android Programming using Java
  • Android SDK
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • etc
If you've got a tough Android programming problem, try posting it here...


  • So here's a problem that I have not been able to tackle. MENUS: I can't get them to work. So I've found tons of tutorials for menus on line most of them with code examples and project. I read the tutorial, download the sample project and of course create apks and they all work. The problem comes in when I try to add this to my existing project. No matter what I do the errors show up in the Activity.jave file in the manner the things Eclipes is looking for are not in the file and no matter how I add them I still have errors. Can anyone point me to a resource for adding menus to an existing Eclipes project?

  • So,here is the problem.I am implementing chord based distributed storage of keys.I need the logic to implement it.The main thing i need logic for is "how to update the predecessor and successor of the nodes?" . Especially how do i update the prev and successor of the last node in the ring? I hope I am clear.Please help me...
  • So I need some help this my first time building an app on Im having a hard time figuring out how to get it to make a quiz and answer app.  I have html coding and zipped files but when built it doesn't work? Can anyone help me from beginning to end with what codes I should use. So far its only a 10 question quiz but I am finding it difficult. Or how can I do this thru not using the html archive activity????? HELP please
  • lol it says post all those here but nobody responds..everyones a andromo programmer here
  • What would be really good would a JavaScript for andromo library

    we chose applications now why not JavaScript html
  • edited August 2013
    Would be fantastic if there were dashboard options in Andromo along such lines as the Google Templates for using EclipseADT.  Familiar layouts, swipe text menu, fixed top layers, scrolling main section, awsome.

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