blackberry and iphone

How can i or is it possible to repackage my andromo android apps to be compacktible with blackberry phone and iphone ? if possible how do i go about it


  • It is not compatible.  This service is purely for Android/Kindle OS's
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    Maby it's possible if you hire a professional custom app developer and ask him to port it to iOS or BlackBerry OS. Don't know if that's possible at all with an Andromo app. Or you could build a fully new app for iOS or BlackBerry OS that looks the same as your Andromo app.
  • I think blackberry has some tools out to convert apk into blackberry files. Check their developers website for more info. Iphone there is no way.
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    Currently I'm porting my app to BlackBerry. I hope to get it online in BlackBerry World tomorrow. The jump from Android to BlackBerry is very smooth from what I've experienced so far. I currently don't own a BlackBerry 10 phone (working with the BlackBerry Simulator for Windows) but I'll buy a used one soon. The new BlackBerry 10 seems to be a nice OS, I always love to try something new. I hope my apps will gain some downloads on BlackBerry. I'll let you guys know once it's live on BlackBerry World.

    Didn't heard anyone before that ported it's Andromo app to BlackBerry.
  • This tool will repackage your Andromo/Android application to run on the
    BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 OS:

  • Excellent Colinadams!!
  • Jep, exactly.
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