I took $25 monthly subscription. But will I need to pay again $25 to keep my app on playstore?

There was written that sell your app facility and remove all ads facility if u'll subscribe for monthly or yearly paid plan. But as now I'm subscribed, it is saying now upload your app on playstore by registering and paying again $25. Can anybody tell me why was that subscription for?


  • Hi,

    The $25 monthly subscription (or yearly) for Andromo is to build multiple apps, and either remove the ads, or get 100% of the ad revenue. If you wish to put your app in Google Play, there is a one-time fee paid to Google to register as a developer so you can publish all of your apps there.

    Hope that helps.

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    Your subscription allows you to update your existing apps and make unlimited new apps. I seen many App Builders and Andromo's price is more than fair if you understand what all you are getting and put it to use.
  • that is what i do not understand.  most of the reviews i read said the ad revenues are 50/50.  do you have to go to some other ad site to get full 100% revenue?
  • We introduced full 100% ad space about one year ago - so, as long as you have a valid subscription you are good to go!
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