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  • I cannot wait to get it aswell!  I was aprehensive at first when it stated "While stocks last" I though ugh!
    But the wording here makes me more confident of actually getting one - More than anything, I want to see what my apps actually look like on a real Kindle.

    Is it me being OCD or did the week start on Sundays when I signed up, but now they say week starting 21st (Mon) - Yeah, that's OCD 
  • It sounds like they may actually be reviewing the results on a case by case basis.
  • Got the email for the kindle, and it looks like they are giving out the hdx to US developers.

    "Congratulations!  Your Amazon Mobile Ad Network-enabled apps have qualified you for a free Kindle Fire HD 7” under the terms of our recent limited time offer.  Please note that since this offer was announced, we have introduced the Kindle Fire HDX 7” in the United States, so we are providing all qualified U.S. developers with a complimentary upgrade to the HDX model! "
  • Just got the email as well!
    Probably we poor ;-) developers from Europe will "only" get the HD7, but I am still more than happy about it.
    Thanks Andromo, for making this possible!

  • Too bad about us Europeans, but anyway, I too am very happy about it! :)
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    I have just received my email confirming I have qualified for a New Kindle Fire HD.  WOO HOO! :))

    I want to say a BIG Thank You to Andromo for integrating Amazon Ads and for informing us of this oppoprtunity from Amazon.
    BIG UP you guys at Andromo.

    I never thought I'd do it (500 per week) but amazon has been Gold dust for me.
    It was a real challenge for me as a newbie dev but Amazon set a benchmark, I went for it and got it.
    I only have 2 qualifying apps on amazon so that confirms - Quality over Quantity

    It's a pity only US are getting new HDX though - I'm in England
  • It did say on the confirmation page after submitting my details "Kindle Fire HDX" but I'd say it's probably a typo
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    Yeah, that gave me a little hope, too. ;) Well, it's good either way. And yes, thanks Andromo for bringing us Amazon. :)
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    I thought I was still waiting, but it turns out I received the e-mail 3 days ago! The subject line is "Your Kindle Fire HDX for Participating in the Amazon Mobile Ad Network."
  • I'm glad people are getting their emails from Amazon. I received my email over the weekend, and I'm looking forward to receiving the tablet.

    For those of you who've been here for a while this might just be (it is for me) the second free tablet I've managed to grab by using Andromo. Not to shabby.

  • I was too late joining Andromo...really bad :(
    Oh well maybe they decide on some new offer sometime in the future
  • I received the email notification for my free Kindle HD too, but when filling in the online registration form, it would not accept all my participating app names. My app names are quite long, and it seems there was a character limit on the app name box. 

    Did anyone else have this issue? And has anyone received their Kindle yet?
  • I asked about the upgrade to the Kindle Fire HDX for international developers and received this reply:


    Thank you for writing in. Unfortunately the upgrade option is not available for international developers at this point. International developers will recieve a Kindle Fire HD and Amazon will pay to cover the import fees + S&H. In some countries , these fees equal the cost of the device.

    We apologize for the confusion. Thank you for your continued support in Amazon Distribution Program.

    So they are now saying they will cover the costs of import fees and Shipping & Handling - :)
    Absolute Bonus!  Great.

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    I'm happy and sad at the same time. ;) But can't wait to get my hands on one of those oldies but goodies, hehe.
  • I received an email no 25th October, ignored thinking that this is some invitation for special program or so, but had no time to participate in anything right now. I've got second email today, registered my details and waiting for device. Nice surprise after Saturday's morning disaster. 
  • @tamworthheat ;        which email did you use to contact Amazon? I have emailed them several times, to ask something, I tried to use a US ZIP Code, they told me that it is from another country that I got registrated, I replied to them, and have not received an answer.


  • I already got my shipping confirmation :-)
    Shipped with DHL ... look out for an email with re: DHL Shipment Notification - Waybill #

    Somehow I am surprised, that they actually ship it from the US for European Developers.
    Would'nt it be much easier to have it shipped by, or others?

  • @djlfpro21 I used the contact form on the dev website to contact Amazon

    I got my confirmation! My Kindle is out for delivery on Monday! :)
  • On a more positive note my Kindle Fire HD arrived in the mail today. It's not an HDx but it's still cool.
  • Mine was shipped today. Expecting a HD. :)
  • Got it today - although I had to pay £23.55 for Tax (after Amazon said they'd pay it, I'll email them about that).
    My free Kindle Fire HD is sweet!
  • Mine should be delivered tomorrow, according to DHL's tracking. What model did you get BTW? There is a lot of anger on the Amazon forums that people are receiving the 8gb 3rd gen model rather than the promised 16gb model or the HDX upgrade that the Americans have received,

  • I'm having some problems with customs. They want a receipt. Eh... Other than that, I don't care anymore what will get as long it is a 7 inch tablet. :) I'll be using it for reading only.
  • I got the 8gb model Fire HD - It's really nice (Basic though compared to any other tablet ive had).

  • Hi all, my Kindle just arrived . It's 8 GB fire HD. Sweet. But also have to pay €25.59 customs charge. But hey kindle for 25 quid, can't complain.
  • I got a US power adaptor with mine - IMPORTANT - Don't use any other power adptor - go and buy a kindle one (using something else may ruin your kindle, I used a samsung tablet power adaptor and had to stop because the kindle got red hot after 2 minutes).
  • Main is same US power plug eh... I have an adapter tho...
  • So has anyone in the US received theirs yet? It's kind of weird that they're sending them internationally first. Maybe because it's the old model?
  • No its not the old model. The HD7 they are sending is the new model released last month. Its a nice machine but in reality its a downgrade for us as it replaces the old entry level Kindle Fire. The HDX that is being sent out in the USA is the upgrade to the 2012 HD7 that we were promised.
    Upside is 2.5ghz cpu and new OS.
    Downside - only about 5gb of usable memory, no camera or light sensor.
    Essentially its a glorified e-reader / media player but is limited even in this by its lack of storage.
    I'm enjoying playing with it and am impressed by its build quality, and it will come in useful to test apps for Amazon but it does not come near to replacing a "real" tablet.
  • Strange because kindle says Netflix is not available in my region. But it is. I manage to install from apk file direcltly and works fine.
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