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  • Hi all, I just got that email from Amazon:

    Dear Developer,
    We are writing to express our sincere apology for sending a device other than the Kindle Fire HD 16GB 7" following our recent promotion.
    We would like to go above and beyond resending the correct device by sending you the new Kindle Fire HDX 16GB 7" to the shipping address you previously provided. No additional action is required from you and there is no cost to you.  Amazon is paying the applicable taxes and import duty in your name and on your behalf.  Please allow 3 weeks for shipping. We request that the Kindle Fire HD 8GB device be donated to a local organization of your choice that supports your community.
    We deeply value your relationship and thank you for participating in the Amazon Mobile Ad Network. 
    Your Amazon Mobile Ads Team

  • I too have just had that email saying they're going to send me an HDX - woohoo!
    2 Kindles just for creating Apps using Andromo - can't be bad! :)>-
  • yeah i got the same to, pretty awesome tbh
  • Same here. Pretty generous of them. Hopefully the likes of Google and Samsung will follow suit and offer free Nexus's and Notes. I wouldn't hold my breath on that one though :)
  • Most be nice I am in the USA and have not even gotten a email yet that they have even shipped one yet !!!
  • Hi maybe you didn't qualified for kindle
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    Im in the US too and didn't get the shipment email yet. I think they are sticking to their original shipping schedule of starting at Nov 30th for us.

    "Qualifying developers will receive an e-mail starting week of October 21, 2013 and terminating on Nov 30th, 2013 detailing the fact they have qualified, ask where they want the unit shipped to and other details. Shipping window is Nov 30-Dec 31, 2013 and will be tiered (a batch each week). Units will ship from the US. "
  • It' the same with me. I too received the apology email and they will send the HDX version. These guys are respectable.
  • Yippy got mine today! Thanks Andromo!
  • HDX has been shipped. Yea :)
  • Mine too! Sweet. (let's see if there's shipping & handling to pay? hehe)
  • I will get mine tomorrow, according to DHL. :)
  • Hi all just received my kindle fire hdx. No customs tax or any others charges 

  • I missed the delivery, will have to collect but no Shipping & Handling to pay! Nice!
  • I am in the U.S., and I actually got mine on Friday! :)

    (I would have gotten it on Thursday, but an in-person signature was required.)
  • Got my second one yesterday. Both times no custom fees or shipping!
    Very cool, now I have two kindle :-)
    Now, my husband can finally play pokerstars on a bigger screen than his smartphone. LOL!
  • Got mine in California last week. All I did was email them asking wheres my kindle that everyone got theres and they said they should ship nov 31-dec but obviously shipped mine that next day
  • Hey guys, I've just received my Kindle HDX, yey! However, I have trouble accessing the App Store. I called their support and they said that I would need a US based email address and a US based credit card to enable the App Store. :-/ Anyone from EU here, who got their device? @Sylviathewitch, does the Kindle work for you OK? Thanks.
  • @hendrixs that's weird, i don't need a US email or card for mine to work... (I'm in UK)
  • Yeah, they said UK and DE (Germany) are cool, but they don't know what to do with Slovenia. The support said they will look into the issue. I hope they find something. I really would not like try to mod a brand new device with Cyanogenmod and such. :) I hear they work on Kindle devices...
  • I found this:

    I won't be able to use Amazon App Store.
  • I'm from Ireland and tried to download Netflix but it says that Netflix is not available. I had to download apk on its own 

  • I won't be able to use the Kindle as it turns out. But here is a solution:

    I only need to wait for them to make the OS compatible with Kindle HDX. Until then, I'll use it for browsing the web and reading my eBooks. :)
  • @hendrixs ... No, I had no problems with app store! No US address, no US CC.
    I only linked my private account and that was all.

  • @hendrixs those are good links to read - i had no idea there were so many issues with international blocking / unblocking etc - although it does sound like a temporary issue, it seems to be that in some area's these kindles aren't available with config for that region - weird.  it's all software issues though so can be updated soon and hopefully people can use them then.
  • Thanks to both. @sylviathwitch: yeah, the .de seems to work. The customer support representative only mentioned .de and as supported countries in EU.

    @tamworthheat: I can browse the web and I can upload multimedia through USB. As long as N2A OS doesn't prepare an OS for the new HD and HDX devices, I'll use the thing like it's year 2000. :)
  • Hey, my Kindle just started to work as it is supposed to! :) I guess they tweaked something after I talked to their customer support. Super nice.
  • Good Stuff, fair play to them.
  • I love my Kindle HDX so far and it's really a top notch device. Amazon said they will also send the second one (HD version), but so far no word from them. Did everyone here get their second device?

    I would not mind if they won't send it, as HDX is a really superb gift, but it would be useful to know, because I'd like to buy another tablet. If I'll get the HD version also, then there is no need for that, but if I won't, there are big discounts at the moment which I would not want to miss. :)
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    Yep, I received second one hdx few days ago
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