Payment of old Admob Balance after migrating

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I just migrated my Admob account, in the old Admob I have a balance of $ 170. Where and when will be deposited?

Do they deposited in Paypal (where I have received payments previously)? or I have to wait to add a bank account in the new Admob and make the validation of my account and wait to finish this process.


  • It should go to your PayPal account. That's how they did it for mine after I switched.
  • You will get the money 100%. If you have a PayPal account tied to that account, it will go there.
  • @hendrixs Well I don't know about 100%. When they payed me they left some in the old AdMob account. So I still have a balance there even though I was payed some of it a few days ago.
  • @shaney_g: I'm sure they will pay it out as they promised. I've received all my unpaid earnings in one transfer to my PayPal account (it was about $400 USD).
  • @hendrixs Ya I'm sure that they will get all of it to me. But I found it weird that in this latest payout that they only paid out some of it and I still have $14 in my legacy Admob account.
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    Thank you all for your help.

    This is the answer: they will pay as before, the final balance will be deposited even if under $ 20

    I migrate my account mid-month, I have $ 80 in August to be paid in October and in September another $ 87 to be paid in November by Paypal.

    @shaney_g the $ 14 will be deposited in October.
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