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I have been using Andromo now for a week or two and have created my first app. I learned a lot doing it, not just about Andromo but helped me sharpen up some of rusty HTML knowledge as well. Not all of my app works as well as I'd like but I think that's more down to me and the content I was trying to include. Anyway I have really enjoyed the experience and hope to create more apps soon.


  • Fantastic! With some HTML/CSS/Javascript skills, you can pull off some pretty advanced and cool tricks in Andromo for sure...

    Can't wait to check out some of your apps. Make sure you post back some links when you're ready!

  • I am so very impressed with this site, however if there is someone about that i can pick their brains with a few ?? that would be great. YEp im new to all this, but i have had in my mind an App that would track my where abouts, in real time, and i cant see quite how to go about making this. if there is any help out there i would be very gratfull.
  • Thanks Colin
    My first app can be found here

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