am i missing something here???

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I'm a little confused....i was under the impression i could creat an app for something that i have an idea for. I'm looking all over but all i can find is how to create edit the font, colour, background images etc for....well nothing. i can add one or more of the supplied activities, but how do i actually create the app i am wanting to create?
I hope someone knows what i mean here.
I am wanting to build an app for musicians, which involves icons that you click on and it supplies you with a particular sound, and the ability to record etc.
without giving too much away, i am wondering if someone can point me in the direction i need to be in.


  • For something like that you still need to do some custom coding..... or wait and see how advanced andromo becomes.
  • If you can build it with HTML or program that generates HTML, you can build it, zip it and have the app display it. Google for a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) HTML editor and see if you can find one with the features you need.
  • Great suggestions here.

    With the HTML Archive activity, you can pull off some pretty fancy stuff, but that's limited to your HTML/CSS/Javascript skills.

    Have you checked out the 'Audio' activity? You can embed music and soundboards with that.

    We're also working on new activities every day here. Let us know what sort of activities you're wanting and what you'd like them to do - we'll see what we can get in Andromo!

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