Adsense disabled, Admob still On!


Unfortunately my adsense account was disabled from google for invalid activity ! i was ethical 100% and appealed but my apeal was rejected too. So my upgraded admob account is off, but i noticed my old admob account as a publisher is still on and still makes new profits!

I tried to contact google but i can't find an email to contact them. I want to ask you if you have experienced something like this before. 
I don't know what to do. i still make new apps and embed admob code and they still work and gain new profits!!

Any idea or help would be appreciated.

Thank you



  • Probably in the next few days your admob account will be terminated too. Adsense is very delicate and exposed to invalid activity, I recommend you use your account only for Admob.

    Even so you can create another account, you will need another email, pc, ip address, credit card, mailing address, etc.. I went through the same thing and now I have 3 months with my new account and receiving payments.

  • thanks for the reply.

    my adsense account has been disabled a month ago but the admob account still makes new profits.
    the thing that kills me is that google don't answer to emails and i don't know how to contact them.
  • Yes, if you've been using Adsense in mobile apps, you are sure to get banned by Google. It is explicitly against their terms of use. They want you to use AdMob (which of course works much the same way as Adsense, but that's the way it goes).
  • @mastermx: a new PC? My backup plan is to install a fresh Win 8 copy on VirtualBox and use a proxy server. Did you change your ISP for the new IP?

    Yes, AdSense is a delicate thing. I'm in one of Google's AdSense/AdMob invite-only forums, but even some of those members had their accounts disabled. Scary, man.

    You can use AdSense on your own website, if you have one, and then do a WebView inside Andromo to it. This is perfectly OK. This way, AdSense and AdMob can work together.
  • @hendrixs Ok, not a new pc but if a new network card, remember each card has a MAC address and you could be trapped.

    Fortunately succeeds in creating a new account and I am already receiving income again
  • @mastermx Thanks for the info. I hope I won't have to do this, but it's good to know.
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