Publishing max no. of apps a day?

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Hi, I've bought the Andromo subscription past 4 days. I'm wondering if anyone here is pushing more than 1 app/day on Google Play.
Do anyone here at least know about the maximum number of apps we can publish in a day?


  • I had uploaded 3 in a day, no problem it seems.
    I don't know if there is max number of apps
  • 15 new apps a day
  • @anteos 3 daily? with no ban hammer?

    @lovedislike 15 daily? with no ban hammer?
  • Yup I had no problem. However, I cannot guarantee day didnt change for USA time - in my timezone, it was 3 in a day.
  • @dash - Your goal should be to great good apps rather than just lots of apps. The best strategy we've seen is where you take the time needed to make a quality app, put it out there and see how it goes - then you tweak and optimize to make it better. Some things work and some don't. Focus on things that work and then make another app after you've learned something about your audience. You'll find that you'll be more successful with a 'rifle' rather than 'shotgun' approach to app making.

    Just my $0.02!
  • You can upload 15 new apks within 24 hours, after that you have to wait. They are more likely to ban you for copyright infringement so be careful of that.
  • 3 or 15 apps per day? I spend 1-2 weeks for creating an app. :) Please, upload only quality apps, because if we're going to spam GP, they will surely do something about it sooner or later.
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