Run Andromo apk on Barnes & Nobles Nook?

Has anyone loaded the apk (that you created on onto Barnes & Nobles for the Nook ?  They have their own graphic requirements, but I am hoping the Andromo apk works for them).  Let me know if you have tried.  Thanks.


  • Also, can it run on Kindle fire or IPad?
  • If the Nook runs Android apps, then yes, it will work. Same for the Kindle Fire.

    The iPad only runs iOS apps.

    Andromo is focused on making the best possible 100% pure native Android apps.
  • The Nook tablets do run B&N's version of Android, and the Kindle tablets run Amazon's version of Android. I've submitted my .apk file to Amazon and am waiting to see if it gets approved. I'm wondering if it's worth also trying with B&N? Knowing whether there is official support for either would really help. :)
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    Andromo works on Kindle Fire, minus a few features ie 1st gen Fire doesn't have GPS, I don't think 2nd gen does either. 
  • My app was approved by Amazon, and I'm waiting to hear back from B&N for the Nook.
  • The Kindles and Nooks lack GPS and camera. I guess GPS doesn't do much good when you're limited to wifi only. :)
  • yes andromo works fine with amazon apps
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