What are your favourite Android apps?

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What's on your Android phone or tablet? What apps do you use on a daily basis?

Whether they're made with Andromo or by scratch, they're all free game for this forum category.

Let us know what's on your radar...


  • I use ColorNote to write notes, its great.
  • I'll have to check out ColorNote. Thanks for the tip.

    Any other suggestions?
  • No, but do you know how i can get rid of some of the pre installed stuff?

    Theres so much i dont want like NeoReader Wisepilot Get Games OfficeSuite Limeware manager iMapMyFITNESS+

    btw know what OfficeSuite is? (Not microsoft office suite)

  • Skype, Dropbox, MySalesDialer and Opera mini. These apps I use on a daily basis. Now I am thinking what i need to make with Andromo!!
  • Buisness Calendar, Shortyz Crossword Puzzles, Solitaire(Mobilityware), Kindle App, BBC News, Sherlock
  • This is one of my fave app in the market and it is very useful to me whenever I want to do some tweets in Twitter and reading and watching news. I recommend NewsAce Multimedia News Reader to those who like podcast and keep an up to date news feed.

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