Allow collection of anonymous user data

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did anyone update their apps with this option enabled (under Services tab)? How are your download rates and earnings? Better, same, or worse? Just wondering.

Based on download statistics my users probably didn't like the "Get Accounts" permission so my download rates did go down until I disabled this option an reloaded the apps.



  • I'm pretty sure it was the GET Accounts that made my install rates go down (dramatically) esp. on Samsung - When you download an App from Samsung using the samsung app - it makes a big deal of the permissions - I think a lot of people were put off - have changed now though but Samsung take forever to approve each update!

  • Thanks for sharing, @tamworthheat. It was the same for me. Anyone else? I'd like to compare notes to see whether this option is worth enabling or not.
  • @hendrix - Based on your experience, while the checkbox remains in the web interface for possible future use, in the current release of Andromo we have removed that 'GET ACCOUNTS' permission for all paid customers whether that box is checked or not.
  • @colinadams: Thanks for the info, much appreciated.
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