Visibility of "show license agreement"

As I mentioned earlier here:
I have problems seeing the "show license agreement" in my apps.

I have now retested the whole thing and those are my findings:

On my phone (Samsung Galaxy S2 with android 2.3.5) I do not see the "show license agreement", doesnt matter if it is a brand new app (never installed on my phone before) or if it is only an update. And it doesnt matter if I download directly from andromo or install it through GP.

Now I tested this on my sons phone (Samsung Galaxy S4 with android 4.2.2.) and he can see the license agreement both on new apps and updates.

Has this something to do with the android version we are running?
I assume, that this feature should work for all android versions to be compliant with GP.

Can anyone with a 2.3.* version confirm my findings?


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