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Thanks @colinadams for suggesting to open a new thread and your willingness to look into it.

Here is a quick overview what this API does: (see the video)

My only concern is this part: "Developers who reside in AR, CO, ME ,MN, MO, NC, or RI are not eligible to use Mobile Associates API because the Amazon Associates program is not available in those states."

I'm not sure if this means that everyone, who is not US-based or resides in AR, CO, etc., can't participate in the program. :-/

However, integrating this API would be a blessing for anyone, who makes info / guide / tips & tricks apps. If you write about weight loss, there are supplements to sell, if you write about Xbox or PS4, you can sell that, if you have game walk-troughs, you can sell games, and so on.

What do you guys think?


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    It stinks not everyone can use this (hopefully that will change soon) but i think this would be a fantstic addition to my apps.  I could really have a good go with this API and would guess that I could make some serious revenue.

    • Offer physical and digital products in your apps and games distributed through Amazon and other Android stores.
    • Earn up to 6% advertising fees on purchases made through your apps and games via the popular Amazon Associates program
    • Leverage Amazon’s safe and trusted checkout experience
    So you could offer products that you have picked that are 100% suitable for your users
  • @hendrixs
    International and US developers are generally eligible to use Mobile
    Associates API
    . Developers who reside in AR, CO, IL, MN, MO, NC, or RI
    are not eligible to use Mobile Associates API because the Amazon
    Associates program is not available in those states. Developers can only
    distribute approved apps via US app stores.

  • Would Google have a problem with this later down the line?
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    @sylviathewitch: I've missed this crucial part of information, thanks! So basically, we have a green light from Amazon!

    @lookzor: Who knows. :-/

    "Android Apps integrated with the Mobile Associates API can be
    distributed through Amazon or non-Amazon Android distribution channels
    (e.g Google Play Store). The API features available through Amazon and
    non-Amazon distribution channels are listed in the following table:"

    I would most probably limit these kind of apps to Amazon only.
  • AR, CO, IL, MN, MO, NC, or RI what is that? Are they codes for states within US ?
  • They're US States:
    If you’re experiencing issues with the application process, you may want to try these tips:

    Address tips
    * If you're in the following states, AR, CO, MN, MO, ME, NC, or RI, due to tax legislation, we're unable to operate the associates program in your state.

  • OK, we'll look into this when we get a chance and see if it's viable.
  • @colinadams, thank you very much. This could be really big.
  • Just come accross this , And would like to follow this , as i to would love to be able to use Amazon API
  • Ok I was able to get amazon associates to work in andromo until my partner shane told me the terms of service it can't be used for mobile phones only web. So the only choice is Amazon API because thats the mobile version. Amazon terms are strict and Googleplay is getting stricter.
    I would heavily advise you not to put Amazon API in googleplay market apps. Google has already suffered a blow thanks to samsung earlier this year with samsung making its own appstore to compete with them. Now Amazon is taking a bold step into AD's with new services.
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