Hide activity titles on main activity?

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Is there a way to hide activity titles (My icons have titles on them) on the main activity?


  • Sorry, but no there isn't.
  • Ok, you guys should look into that, because displaying just icons would make for a much cleaner interface.

    Keep up the good work guys!
  • OK - If we get enough votes for it, we'll do it.
  • Anyone else think this would be good? So you could have a button with a label and hide the name? Lets get some votes so we can have this feature!
  • One way to accomplish this would be to use a solid colour for your dashboard background, and then set the text normal and focused colours to be the same colour. It won't work if you are using a background image, but works if you are using a solid background colour.

  • il give my vote for this idea
  • I also vote for this
  • yay thanks guys, good idea mark.  I'd still like to see this implemented.
  • Please let us use icons only.  On some apps i've created, the icons I use have the URL/name within the icon, so the text underneath is redundant and really messes with your eyes.
  • Look Andromo, four votes for this... and mine should count for about all needed because I'm a paying subscriber...  But yet, no feature or update.  Last dev post was In February...  I'm beginning to regret paying for this service that has turned out to be a let down. 
  • @gamesaviors Thanks for the suggestion, it is a good one. But it's important to remember that we get a lot (and I mean A LOT) of suggestions from our user's and it's impossible for us to implement all of them, let alone implement them right away.

    We have a finite amount of time and resources, and therefore have to be careful when we chose what to work on. We have three main pools of things to work on: our own internal road map of features, bugs, and suggestions from users. Those things get ranked based on a whole bunch of things (time, difficulty, importance, etc) and then worked on in roughly that order.

    This means (as I said above) that not everything will get done, and sometimes it will take a while to get to something.

    All that aside the ability to hide the activity titles on the dashboard is something that we are planning on implementing, I can't say when this will happen, only that it will.

    Also, I did post to this thread in July so there has been a developer posting more recently than February.

    Mark Mruss
  • Didnt realize you were a dev, thanks for the reply.
  • I Also Vote for this. This is needed ... otherwise the dashboard will be cluttered.
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