Google ads versus Amazon ads

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If you monetize your app to display Amazon ads as well as Google ads, does that result in fewer Google ads and therefore a longer stretch before you reach the payoff cap set by them? Is there an advantage to just featuring Google ads alone?


  • What most developer do is study trends. Lets say you have 3 apps , now google ADS make more on 2 of them and 1 of them amazon does better over a months time. Then you update the app and use the AD service that works well on each individual app.
  • As far asI know Amazon ads mainly display on US residents, so if you focus on worldwide spreading then use both and notice that Admob will get way higher fill rate.
  • Amazon = US Only (And for me, since switching from Amazon to AdMob, my revenue has soared).
    Even with my apps on AmazonStore - i have Amazon + AdMob Ads
  • My apps are worldwide spreading and for me AdMob works 100% better. I haven't reach payout limit with Amazon yet, but constantly receiving payments form AdMob. In other hand I earned free Kindle Fire HD (and regular also). :)
  • Same thing here..
  • Please help me  i am new in here.i can see if i want i can added some of ad service but can anyone tell me if i want to added my custom ads so how i can set up? Is it allowed by andromo or not.Also i am from Bangladesh so i want to target my local market so my ads will be local so i can set it? Please anyone ans me.Also i want to run my apps in google play.Thanks.
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