50/50 revenue?


I'm trying out different app building services to find the one that I like best. I plan to offer my app for free, but would like for my revenue from banner/Interstitial ads to be at least a decent amount (at least to cover my fees, etc). Before I commit to any subscription, I would like to give it a trial run for a while. I've heard that Andromo offers a 50/50 split on revenue with a free user, but I don't see any mention of it anywhere on the website. Has this offer been removed?



  • Yes, for a while we were letting people create one app for free on Andromo with 50/50 ad space. However, we found that it wasn't a particularly good trial of what Andromo can do for you. Not very many people are able to cover their monthly fee with just one app - and especially with their very first try at app development. That makes them discouraged and they don't sign up - but unfortunately had they actually really gave Andromo a proper try, they'd be laughing all the way to the bank. Without some money in the game, there isn't the same level of commitment, plus of course, we found people abusing this policy as well with multiple accounts etc.

    So, now we still let you build your first app for free, but you can't use the monetization options without a subscription.

    We're looking into another option for the new year where we'd offer an $8 - $12/month subscription for a limited number of apps. Perhaps 5 or maybe even 10. Our standard $25/month plan includes unlimited apps). Does that sound like something you might be interested in?

    Does anyone else have any thoughts/comments on whether they'd be interested in such a plan?

    Colin @ Andromo
  • A fee for a particular amount of apps and for a given time period seems a good idea.
    However, as a suggestion to aslwithrobnielson, you could do what I did:

    Found out a company which would pay for a simple showcase app. I created it, charged them 180 euros (you can charge 100 dollars if you want) and used that money for andromo yearly subscription+ google play developer account.

    When that was done, I had a whole year of free, no charge apps which can generate me a decent income now.
  • i think current set up is good $25 is not much imo
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    I think you should keep the free trial ,the problem is new developers are not going to be able to make solid
    apps that will generate downloads and income. First developers has to learn design and how to market thier
    apps. Its way harder to make money with apps, you have to be inventive with your idea's. It's easier to make
    money with games as even an average game will get decent downloads.

    I think $12 for 5 apps is great idea as long as you don't change the price of anything else.
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