Andromo opinions requested...

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Hey Folks,

If any of you wouldn't mind adding a few thoughts about Andromo to this thread, that would be really cool:



  • Ok I signed up and added feedback. But you need to have your staff jump in there and sign up because I know other forums are not as nice as it is here. Other developers who code line by line resent easy coding tools, so be ready for the hate. Hope it doesn't happen but just be ready cause it comes.
  • Signed up and replied. I agree with pixelpower, soon hate will show up (they won't like it much either that we signed up only to reply to this thread, they will think we are rewarded for it even if we do believe what we said).
    Maybe make an account and try check the thread a bit, think of it as an advertising possibility. You got a great service here, you can surely answer and support your view against any hater's comment.
  • Yes I saw the hate comment before I posted some user was like oh its very limited a basic apps with few features something to that effect. But also you can post your apps in the proper section, might help you grab a couple of downloads.
  • @pixelpower @anteos Thanks guys, I went ahead and added a comment myself. We'll see what happens. Maybe they will be open to it when they learn how much money you can make using andromo...
  • I posted a reply the other day, I made a point of mentioning the money thing. As much as I have my issues with Andromo, it has definitely paid off the initial investment! 
  • I gave my opinion (KAApps) those guys should just try it out for themselves...
  • Thanks everyone for taking the time to share their opinions. Much appreciated!
  • As Colin said, thanks for the comments folks. I'm also interested in some of the negative feedback that some of you have hinted at receiving. Do you get this on other forums/sites when promoting your apps?
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    Ive only ever heard a couple of things but its basically people making an opinion clearly before trying it, i think some people presume its the same as other app creators and dont give it credit
  •   I have seen it on reddit not myself but with other people. Even my post about andromo got downvoted, but no one explained why they down voted it
    But mostly its other "hardcore" coders, people who don't understand that others that want to make app but don't want to slave over line by line coding. Recently I saw a developer get attacked from here but he deserved it. Its this guy he got smashed somewhere about his fake game apps that are really AD unlocker forcing AD's in your face. I didnt defend him cause he deserved it. Honeslty its people like him that tarnish the brand. I don't mind the copywrite thing, but if you say its a game then make it a game.
  • Wow, this is guy is really just begging to get himself in trouble. He is misleading the users on purpose. Maybe Andromo should send him a message about it - this is not how Andromo is meant to be used, and he is definitely doing damage to the brand and to everyone of us.

    Good find, @pixelpower.
  • Yeah I am pretty sure he isn't the only one. I mean you can make an Angry Birds wallpaper or guide app , at least thats just living on the edge but this guy is off the deep end.
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