Possible Solution to some of the disagreements with new updates and features

I have read the comments and even made a few myself on updates and new features by Andromo. I noticed a trend usually when Andromo adds an update they sometimes add what we asked for and any new idea they feel with benefit Andromo. I agree though bugs like the new one should not even occur in the first place but besides that is another pressing issue.
First we all need to be more active in the forums before updates. Usually Andromo forums are more active when a problem occurs or an update occurs. We need to be more active in the request thread it should be on page 20-30 by now not 6-7. Also it's seems we are more busy when something goes really wrong, we need to be active even when things go right. I know we all have jobs and a busy life but in order to progress since we are trying to make money we should spend a little more time giving suggestions and solutions.
Which brings me to my next point of solutions. I try to come up with a solution to help users here but I can't gauge if Iam helping anyone because I don't get much feedback. I posted a solution to adding Leadbolt , making folders to nest activities , and make a drop down menu . I don't even know if I helped because of lack of feedback but the downloads of my tutorial files is high so I guess a lot people are using them. If it wasn't for file download tracking I wouldn't know how many people have tried my solutions. Combined I have gotten 150-200 downloads of tutorial files and only maybe 20 comments total mostly by the same guy @anteos .
So in closing I would also like to say when we suggest or ask for something from Andromo staff we need to explain why we ask for a feature. Just saying something like I want IAP is not enough , Andromo staff will think your just throwing ideas out because you seen it somewhere else and will not consider it. If we become more active we will get the features we want as long as we explain why. This will make feature updates more of what we want.

Now to the Andromo Staff members , excellent job in intergrating the new AD network they have a solid reputation and growth. Like the new features we have we also need to expand our user base. I am part of 20-30 android groups on Facebook and never seen you guys once in them promoting Andromo so I have done it myself but you guys need to start. Also I have posted in various forums about andromo and I will do a front page article in one of them when I finish I will post the link here later on today or early tommorow. You guys are behind on the marketing , you need to do press releases once a month using different press release services to reach more users. Prnewswire, Mobileprwire , etc. some big some small but all have some impact. Your product is great and you need to show the world your golden tool. You guys have the best price and most activities than any other company around so it's time to brag . On twitter you need to be more active , post not only updates but apps you think are great.

This concludes my most epic post ever on andromo.


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