How do I add an advert for a friend's website onto my app

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A friend has asked me to add an advert onto my app of their website this can be a banner or anything but just basically need a click able link of his site can this be done?


  • Some activities let you have links or even a URL (e.g. the About activity). Also there's the html activity that lets you have any html page(s) you like e.g. banners, text links etc.
  • pdog this sounds just what im looking for only thing is i havent a clue how to work with html is there a online company or someone i can hire to do this for me?
  • Try odesk where you can hire a html programmer to do this. The main concern I would have is that your ad will only be seen and clicked if the user sees some compelling content on the page(s). Another option is that you can learn html with all kinds of free tutorials on the web, and do it yourself.
  • Have you considered setting up a House ad campaign in Admob?
  • not too sure how to do that but i dont think it gives me the option of adding an advert for a website of my choice ie my friends
  • ...that's what a house campaign is. Instead of selecting banners from the networks advertisers you upload your own, and specify the url to take the visitor to etc.

    I can't use admob at the moment because adwords banned me years ago, and they use adwords for payment/billing.

    Using admob house ads was a brilliant suggestion and glad for this thread as I could use that idea someday.

    Thanks Colin!
  • go to admob.
    click promote new app (red button).
    click house campaign.
    click website button.
    and you can see the details to add.
    i only just gone thru it my self but its quite simple 
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