Exciting new monetization opportunities in Andromo

For the past months, Andromo team has been working hard to prepare our platform to move further, bringing our developers better monetization capabilities.

First and foremost, we have redesigned the way we load interstitial ads to enable more display opportunities within the Apps. We now load the videos faster and present sooner. AdMob and Facebook Audience Network SDKs both have been updated to the latest versions most compatible with older phones. This important update is required to comply with the requirements of both ad networks. 

Ultimately these enhancements have increased the Matched Ads and Impressions count in existing apps. 

These updates have been rolled out today, so we encourage you to rebuild your Apps and publish the updated versions in Play Market to enjoy your increased revenue right away!

Second, we are incredibly excited about what is coming next to Andromo. 

We have developed additional monetization options and new features specifically tailored to enable more display opportunities within your Apps. These updates were field tested with some of our developers, and we have seen up to 40% increase in Impressions count in typical Apps and up to 70% increase for properly designed Apps with a variety of different Activities!

In other words, this means you could generate significantly more money. 

We can't wait to share these new features with you! The team is working hard to unveil our new subscription plans with expanded monetization options in mid-April. 

The best part is that these upcoming features are already being bundled with your Apps today! 

So please go build and publish your Apps today to enable those upcoming new monetization options once they become available and meanwhile enjoy your increased revenue right away. 



  • Thank you very much for working on improvements for us developers. I can't wait to see if our apps' monetization improves. I will be aware of future post. =)

  • edited March 2020

    Hi, so, we need to rebuild all our apps right away and upload to Google Play to comply with requirements of networks and enhance our applications?. The ones with active subscriptions will get all the monetization new updates, that is what you´re saying, right?, just to be sure.

  • Thank you for your effort and for your commitment to to the developers.

  • After building my app, the app keeps crashing, in fact it doesn't start up at

  • @Mtunearck we're on it. Fix expected within an hour.

  • @RikkiBlakk you definitely need to rebuild all apps (please begin in an hour as right now we're fixing build issues) to get new SDK updates and interstitial optimizations. Some new new features are going to be enabled in mid April but are being bundled with your apps right now with the new builds.

  • Okay guys you can rebuild now, issues fixed. Please let me know how it works for you. @Mtunearck

  • Thanks, it working now

  • @EgorEgorov, thank you, and going to update apps right away.

  • Damn... I just started to update all my apps few days ago.. So I Need to rebuilt them again :D

    Thank you for the updates, cheers...

  • queued for building for more than 30 min. I guess it is because of the high volume people building right now?

  • @Developer yes, it’s ok. Please check in 10-15 minutes

  • Hi,

    I have an Andromo Professional subscription for years and I've set automatic payment renewal on my paypal account. Today I got a notification that said my subscription is expired.

    I've checked my paypal payment history and it shows that the automatic payment for the renewal subscription is already made from my paypal account.

    Please help resolve the issue asap. Thank you.

  • @Anonymous please get in touch with support@andromo.com

  • @EgorEgorov I issued a ticket support and receive some answers from support@andromo.helprace.com

    Seems like they have no idea about what's going on and just saying "We never receive your payments" again and again without any actual solution.

    After I look it up again, turns out your Paypal address has been changed, and again your "support team" DIDN'T DO ANYTHING other than "hi, no! our paypal address has been changed to andromo.bv@gmail.com". THEY DON'T EVEN CARE ABOUT THE PROBLEM.

    I think you waste money for your "support" team.

    Please help resolve this issue. Perhaps ask Sir @colinadams about the refund/transfer to your new Paypal Address.

  • @Anonymous ah. We're pretty much on the issue, including me. Indeed we can't see the payment. We are in touch with mr. Adams regarding this issue. Things are not going to be fast with this case.

  • hello ! when will u Upgrade the SDK of Facebook Audience ??

  • @mehdidima AdMob and Facebook Audience Network SDKs both have been updated to the latest versions most compatible with older phones.

  • Thank You For Updates, Update all my apps in Progress,

    New updates has been implement Admob Adaptive Banner? @EgorEgorov

  • Does this new andromo update applies to StartApp latest SDK?

  • @EgorEgorov Whats your recommended Time between Interstitials. Is it better to go for less than 10 minute options, after this new update?. Will it invite 'too many ads' 1 star reviews? What your view on this?

  • Your apps cannot be uploaded to Google Play, it rejects them because the signature cannot be personalized. That is a disaster. I'm going to be 1 year since I bought a membership and I haven't been able to upload a single Andromo APK to Google Play. They worry about less important things instead of worrying about improving that firm problem. Even Google Admob warned me that if I didn't change the APK signature, there was a risk that my account would be deleted.

    ANDROMO A DISASTER, a waste of money ...

  • Кога най-после ще имаме добри доходи,работи ли се вече по въпроса?

  • @LetMEHearAgainApps it really depends on your app, on your users and what is acceptable for them. For example, a wallpaper app can show interstitials as much as you want while you don't want to show ads really often in your sports team app.

  • @MobileAppCenter the signature is not customizable in Andromo. We always sign packages with the same key.

  • Thanks for the update

  • I have created a news reader application that works mainly with rss feed, the default I configure for each page is up to 10 articles, How can I automatically turn pages to read the next posts? according to the? Another question is whether there are no differences between new posts and read posts, so it's difficult to know which articles have been read and which have not.

     I think you should add these two features to the 1. Should add an extra reading button or scrolling list feature to the app automatically switches to the next page in the rss feed

     2. There should be color for read and unread articles to differentiate or add the read or unread text for others to follow.

     I hope you guys bring these features to the fastest application because I really need to thank you

  • What if we don't have an active subscription?

    Will we be able to at least update the apps we already have?

    We should be able to update at least the SDK versions, or whatever is important to keep the apps working.

  • Are you saying a different subscription level will be required to use whatever these new upcoming features are?

    And these new features are already built in, but not yet in use - does this mean the apps are bigger right now than they need to be?

    For those that have rebuilt with the updates, are you seeing any issues or improvements?

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