What would you like to see added to Andromo?



  • Either an album function in the photos activity so it displays albums and then you can choose pics inside the albums. or add Google or Picasa or something else for an activity that displays albums. If we upload a ton of pics they're all just bunched together. Flickr calls albums sets, but you can display sets for a user. If we had Google or picasa we could upload pics and create albums online and it would be dynamic to our apps.
  • An emulator to see what the app would look like on mobile.
  • Push notifications and the ability to remove text below some icons and leave others with text if needed.
  • I would like to see PUSH Notifications - that would be awsome.
    I would like to see other Andromo Users Apps (at the mo, you can  only view Andromo user Apps if they've been submitted to google play.
    I want to know what other people are doing so i can be inspired (i also want to show others MY APP).
    Embedded Videos instead of just YouTube would be great!

    A Contact Form!

  • Definitely need QR codes if we our to provide customers what they need.  I am really starting to see a lot of QR codes in ads and in store windows...  
  • What exactly do you want to see here?

    I create QR codes with http://www.unitaglive.com/qrcode which allows me to add a logo into the QR code.

    I also added a html-archive, which shows just this QR code and use the title Share me
    That allows to show the QR code to others and it gives you the link to Google Play
  • i want to duplicate my app (one with ad and one for sale)


  • As already mentioned by others, a hierarchy of menus.
    I like the audio RSS feed activity. I'd like to see the same with mp4 videos.
    I'd like to see integration with TapForTap alongside Admob.
    Have a Google Play activity within the About activity.
  • Oh, and be able to start a new project by duplicating an existing one, like andro9 suggested.
  • Would be nice to see activities that

    -Integrate Google Calendar

    and a DropBox activity would be great!

  • I would really like to be able to change background colors on at least the custom pages. I don't know HTML. So a simple tool would be awesome.
  • a way to use the video camera.

    I am a sports agent and need athletes to be able to video tape themselves and upload it to their online account.
  • rene here, what about a simple quiz template... that will help to make apps more unique... thanks rene
  • I totally agree with tholyoak (posts on 9th october)

    *duplicate project
    *videos should be opened with external programm or working inside app (not working correctly now)
    *List menu instead of default
    *Some more icons to choose of by default!
  • I hope somebody is reading this post
  • edited October 2012
    We read every post. Our list of suggestions has grown very, very long. We aren't big enough yet to implement everything at once so your comments, support questions, etc. are very important. Every comment helps us adjust priorities a little. Keep the feedback coming, it's quite awesome. :)

    We're currently working on some big important features, which unfortunately means we haven't been putting out as many smaller updates recently, but rest assured we're working very hard.
  • try to make the "list" shorter - day by day, .. hehehe ;-)
  • If i want to use ony one activity you can eliminate dashbord . This is very important and is not hard to apply
  • App duplication
    Push notifications
    Simple widget where you can pick 4 or 5 of your top links which can be added as a 1x4 type widget to the users home screen
    IOS builder
    Multilevel menu - Great as it is, but could do with second and third level for increase in content options.

  • Got to say Andromo is already pretty amazing but some features I would like added are

    1. Full screen flickr slide show with option to set images as wallpaper
    2. Option to set our own default styles/action bar/dashboard to save having to reset them every app
    3. Ability to enable and disable activites rather than delete only
    4. Ability to clone apps to create an app free paid for version and a free version without having to re-create the whole app
  • I like 3. Ability to enable and disable activities, ... especially when you can COPY a project, ...

    Wow, that would be nice!!!! Imagine you have ONE great app created and then you just copy it for your customers and enable what they want, ....   COOL
  • I would like to see abbility to ad PUSH ADS from SDK like AirPush or LeadBolt push-ads.

    Please, please, enable this
  • Trivia quiz feature
  • Hi There,

    I am very much interested to create an app so that our employees can send report to my email. It will be very good if you could add pull down list to select items from the list instead of typing. I prefer VB control boxes like tools list box, combo or text box, form etc where we can enter text or select text.

    I just joined andromo and downloaded software it is awesome. Please help on my request.

    Thanks in anticipation

  • we need more advertisers not only admob ;  for adult ads: reporo.com


  • 1.) Albums for the photo activity so there isn't 200 photos of different activities all mixed together. Front screen with just albums and opening to pics in album.
    2.) A simple messenger feed/blog.
  • I have built my app in Andromo to reach android users but am getting increased pressure from iPhone users to use my app - therefore I would like the ability for the apps to be supported on the aple platform. There are other app builders like yours that do both Android and iOS, yet none of them offer the specific features I need and get from Andromo.
    • Importing KLM files to the MAP feature. Makes no sense having to
      input all the places when you have standard KML maps and Google maps
      generates perfectly compliant KML text files. I have over 500 items in my maps, i would take me a million years to port all that info into Andromo.
    • An online emulator would be great, there's one open source one that belonged to Google if i'm not mistaken. http://appinventor.mit.edu/explore/
    • Albums for the pictures, at least tags
    • Submenus
    • Ability to copy a project
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