What would you like to see added to Andromo?



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    • Ability to customize the layout of the main page (grid size, order, add images, etc.) Eg: 5x7 grid, custom icon uses 3x1 spaces and sits here.
    • Local Image/Slideshow Viewer
    • Ability to use links in custom html to activate another activity
    • Lock screen rotation
    • Stop loosing place on websites when the device is rotated.
  • hello,

    I want to have on the first page several buttons,

    If I click on one button I want to go to the next pages where it has to show several activities (or buttons). A sort of drill down structure.

    e.i. First page   Second page

    Computer:         Monitor



    Car                   Wheels




    How can I do this.





  • live streaming from an internet radio station
    live video streaming from an internet station
    would be nice and helpful to those of us "app making challenged"
  • Push notifications would be epic!!

    It would be such an awesome feature to have!
  • SQLite...? any database..?
  • i need a search bar..thanks!
  • To Be Able To Upload My own ad Campaign
  • +1 for The ability to have a sub menu for different areas. Main screen can get cluttered. I think that would be great.. it would really help out a lot 
  • sub menus, and mp3 tags would be awesome!
  • Push Notifications the only thing it needs
  • Push notifications is definitely on the to-do list here! It's about 3-4 features down the road, but it'll get done!
  • Allow for the end user to hold press on sound board sounds and have the option to save sound as notification sound or default ring tone  or ring tone for a specific contact.
  • Great software. but surely there should be an online emulator.. so you can can see your progress as you go along as the only way you can see how your app looks is by going to Build.. and downloading and installing.

    If it doesnt look quite right you have to go back to edit and build again. So it might save a lot of Build queuing and less strain on the servers :)

  • Pinch to zoom on Google Maps please :)
  • alphabetize for the Name from an activitie
  • a search bar to search for the titel of my Activities on the App
  • A simple way to  pin protect an activity to allow user / admin functions
  • Simple database that will automatically sync with an online database.
  • Push notifications and change package name!!
  • I would really really like to see a settings dialog. Basically a person can set something, and that becomes then a variable.

    Settings dialog as an input named 'Enter your API key here' (or user/pass), and that input name sets $apikey

    I can then use that for things like a URL grab, or an API call

    Seems like it would be an easy enough thing to add in, but currently i have to see something offsite which is frustrating.

  • - Image galleries (with some customisation options)
    - A splash screen
    - Ability to remove the navigation bar!
  • MOST important to me (and many others I am sure)...

    Detect media links (mp3,etc) in RSS feed and autpmatically add player to feed formatting.


  • Push notification is about the only missing for my app.  Would love it to be able to notify my employees who have this app of emergencies, events and other items of interest. With a simple text or email it would push to all who have downloaded.
  • Love to see a customisable calculator facility. Add to a productivities page. Example = Able to customise formulas to calculate time required against work on hand. Would be useful in so many different ways
  • Would love to see iOS (iPhone, iPad) support.

    Any plans for this guys?
  • I would like to be able to access the camera. 
     This would be helpful for a barcode scanner or to make backgrounds and be able to take pictures of someone with the background around them.
  • I would like to see in-app billing added. If possible, charge a fee to unlock access to an activity.
  • The ability for a feed to detect menia (MP3, etc) and automatically add a player. or have an option to do so.
    • The ability to disable items in the dashboard instead of permanently deleting them
    • Bulk import of map locations with .csv, .kml, or other formats
    • The splash screen image 
    • The ability to have a sub menu for different areas. Main screen can get cluttered. 
  • a tumblr activity and if only one activity is selected only load that one and not go to the listing of activities
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