What would you like to see added to Andromo?



  • Extension Files - absolutely necessary for my app.
    I see it is on the roadmap - any idea when it will be available?
  • 1) Creating a template/copying a project would seem to be an important feature.
    2) The ability to drill into more menus (instead of a single screen menu) also seems to be missing and I think is important.
    3) Integration with google apps (calendar, documents) would also be helpful.
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    Airpush Ads
  • Hi!

    It would be very useful if a "Sharing" function would be added - like a "Share This App" button. It would help massively with promotion.
  • Any chance of a search button on the Projects page. When looking for a project to update it takes ages to go through them all to find it and it's only going to get worse (or maybe increase the 10 per screen default)  (186 apps and counting). Cheers for a great site
  • Could we use smaller buttons to group similar sounds closer together on our soundboards?  For prank calling you need access to many possible replies/sounds quickly.  I'd like to be able to view 27+ clickable buttons for sounds.  Right now, I can only see 9 on a Samsung Galaxy Note 2.  If you were to dice those 9 up into thirds, you could have 27 viewable/clickable buttons at any given time and without scrolling.

    Maybe make this a true soundboard activity while the original could be ringtones/sounds only if it's an easier/quicker solution for Andromo team to implement. 

    To sum it up. Most soundboards i've seen have more options available at a glance.

    Example:  http://www.crocopuffs.com/soundboard/arnold.html

  • What about an Amazon market link. I haven't uploaded yet but I'm about to start putting some on Amazon. I would like to be able to link to paid versiuions like I do with play store.
  • My wish; upload my images, and turn them into jigsaw puzzles. Levels; hard, medium, easy. I have all these amazing paintings and drawings, just waiting to happen! *thanks*

    It's just a wish...
  • iOS phone app and tablet app capability.
  • leapyearcouple, I just use the web activity for that purpose, for both Amazon and B&N.
  • Duplicate project. To easily make a similar or lite version, for example,  from an existing project. Or the ability to transfer completed activities from one project to another.
    Oh.. and push notification :)
  • OK, I have found puzzle games on another app maker. Here's the problem; I want that ability here, because you are the BEST. You listen to your users. You care.

    Yes; I would pay for you again, because of the customer service here. Plus, I don't want a big, huge file to download, I prefer my wonderful, clean, elegant, 100% Java programmed apps from your hands.

    There are many wonderful ideas in this forum, and I will wait for them, because of the end product. Slim. Fast. Takes little space.

    So, although I have to publish puzzles via the other place for the moment, know I am waiting for you.
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    I suggest the MAP activity could be preloaded with a public user map from Google Maps (My Maps).
    This would be so helpful ; just have to maintain the "My Map" and Andromo app would automatically uppdate
  • Hi, I love your tool. 

    I would love to have normal and basic functionalities that are provided any (even cheesy) "reader" app to my app, such as:
    • remember the point where the user has read
    • highlight text ( and remembers it)
    • book mark
  • Larger font size for RSS feeds.
  • Please give us the ability to turn off screen rotation. Some apps I have built crash when rotation occurs too often. I would like to keep these apps in "Portrait Mode" only.
  • Ditto!  Some activities are ok being auto-rotated while others are ruined.  Flash games, chat rooms, HTML5 too.
  • I would like to be able to preview my app as I create it, not after I have to to build it, download it, and view it on my phone.
  • I would also like to be able to make a template that I can use over and over for all of my apps.
  • I would like to be able to copy a previous project to start a new project. Instead of starting from scratch each time. Similar apps with a lot of the same activities would be helpful if they could be copied.
  • The ability to see the last few apk's that were built in the Andromo app.
  • Here are the features I would like to see.

    Freenode IRC support- Allow us to add in the present channel.
    Require login support- I own an android forum called Droid-Hive and I want to make my application exclusive to users on this forum.
    Music Player with widget- This really would add a lot of flair to applications.
    Uploading APKS- allow us to upload and an apk and have it become editable with your dashboard( obviously apps we own. I have a themer working on my application and I would like to upload it.
    A Forum Reader- something like tapatalk where we can select one site though. I know we would need to probably add a plug in to the site.
    The APK tool that makes Pirating harder. 
  • Also Calender events. Allow a streaming of a calender. So that when I update the calender all users can see it.
  • YES, I too would like to be able to use a current APP as a template to start a new one.

  • I'd really love to see a QR code reader that could launch pages within a HTML archive and external URLs.
  • I would really love to see nesting (a folder system). This would help tremendously to tidy up many apps.
  • The ability to play a video file within the apk..independen on the user's device,  added as an activity, so the user doesn't have to stream the video.
    As it stands now, Amazon won't allow apps that have to use outside sources
  • Any chance of a simple actionable image where you are able to upload an image that will resize itself and then  be able to select separate areas of the image and have the option to choose where these areas link to. ie other activities, url's, maps etc. This would allow total customization of any screen. I know of another free app maker that does this but really want to stick with you guys.
  • I have to admit that I am baffled by the YouTube feed
    builder. I want to enter a keyword and have it pull related videos, automatically:)

  • @webinfusion Try giving this knowledge base article a read: http://support.andromo.com/kb/finding-feeds/youtube-video-feeds

    If you are still having trouble try opening a separate thread for your question.
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