Andromo Limits?

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  I wanted to work on creating an app that would be for kids to help with their math skills.  I wanted to have a menu where they could choose a from a list (Ex: Test, Flash Cards, GED prep Questions, etc), then say they choose test, they can then pick from a variety of subjects(ex:Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Trig, etc) and that would give them a quick walkthrough on how to do the problem, then it would give them a question with four choices and then it would tell them if they are right or wrong.

  My question is does Andromo App Maker have the capability to do this? Or would this require more in depth programming than it can do.

Thanks so much!


  • This would be something that is possible using the HTML Archive activity, but would require you to have some HTML5/Javascript skills.

    We're looking into the possibility of a 'quiz' activity if there is enough demand for it.
  • I want a quiz/trivia activity. It's the only reason I signed up!
  • this is also the only reason that i signed up
  • quiz activity.... thumbs up from this guy :D
  • Yes I could definitely use a quiz activity, I was looking elsewhere for a company that did one for Android, but if you are going to look into it I will hold on. Would be cool if we could get some feedback on this, like whether you are actually going to consider it and how much time it will take thanks.
  • Bump

    Wait, sorry about that, I actually work here.

    Yes it is something that we have on our rather full list of features to add, but I cannot give a time frame for when or if we might add it. Our plates are pretty full at the moment finishing off a few things and a few other things.

  • ....still, a quiz activity would be cool.
  • A quiz or flashcard function would pave the way for some commercial apps. Data population could be via a spreadsheet upload.
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