Any way to make new Developer account in google?

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Has anyone figured out a way to make a new developer account after being banned from google? I made 2grand a month and now im screwed I invested money in advertising and everything for my company and now its a waste. Any ideas?


  • Why was  your account banned?
  • Pinjam and earlier uploder for suspended apps with new apk
  • Register a new account on a family member with a new credit card. That's not against any rules. Or you can start a company and register the account on that. If you are employed, starting a sole proprietorship type of business cost very little (here, where I live, it's about 45 EUR per month).
  • If you live in the US it may be better for you to start a business as an LLC instead of a sole proprietorship (if you decide to go this route). An LLC will not be linked to your name like a sole proprietorship will and if something goes wrong, say a lawsuit, only assets that your LLC owns can be sought for damages. Whereas, if its a sole proprietorship they can go after anything that you personally own. Here's a link to a fairly big article that will explain more about what business choices you have:
  • It was banned for to many keywords in the description
  • I did make an account under a family members name but somehow they linked the accounts. I talked to a guy at the android google headquarters in mountain view and he said just to email them until they get tired and give you your account back because he said u cant mask your ip or any other stuff because we invented half the stuff your using so well link the accounts
  • @rudyfbaby: Did that account get banned, also? A friend of mine is successfully running his second account the way I described it yesterday. Another friend opted for an alternative - he makes the apps and sends them to a friend of his to upload them.

    But it's useful to know that if nagged enough, maybe they will restore the account. :)
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