46,000 impressions 14,000clicks and I only made $12 ?? We need tapgage owner to talk to us in forums

Almost 50,000 impression and 14,000 clicks all I made was $12 dollars!!!! Out of respect for Andromo I won't go on a full assult , but we need this guy to answer some questions. I know about the one guy who claimed to have made a killing with tapgage , please don't throw that up in defense. That story seems to be the mythical unicorn that shows up in every forum that ask about tapgage , probably is the owner himself Hahaha. We need the owner to come to the forum and explain himself. And no I will not accept that he is too busy because obviously he is not talking in a lot of business calls.

Point is it isn't hard to contact him, Andromo we need to speak to him please. Straight man to man no politically correct talk.



  • I agree this is abysmal, I only just started using them but I'm floating around clicks now with *drumroll* $0.01.

    Waste of effort, we need an alternative!
  • I think the key there is on his website "Hustling My Way Through Life"

    to keep a consistancy on money flow ''GET MONEY''
    flippin a pac thats hustle geting money and knowing how!

  • Don't use Tap Page, use admob...They pay much better

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    I had TG in my apps when AdMob Interstitials weren't available yet, and when comparing notes with other app devs, no one believed me, how low were the earnings. Everyone kept telling me I'm doing something wrong. :-)

    Anyway, thank god for AdMob Interstitials and Amazon. However, it would be nice to have a few other options as well.
  • I never got anywhere with Tapgage, AdMob Interstitals gave an 80% increase on 2 apps and is big contributor to my overall monthly total.
  • tapgage not worth the effort, andromo should provide another alternative
  • You'll be happy to know that we're working on a couple of new interstitial options right now...
  • Excellent @collinadams I can't wait to see what new options we have coming Iam sure it will be better than what we have now .
  • @colinadams: Great to hear that, thanks!
  • Great to hear that indeed, but hoping that other ad networks in form of banners will also be introduced.
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    87,600 Impressions, 13,663 Clicks and Revenue $13.10 !! we are not going anywhere with Tapgage and its not worth the effort... This is serious and we need this to be addressed asap. We love Andromo, but i am not happy with the revenue which Tapgage provides us.. The (New Admob) Admob Interstitial is still not available in India hence i don't have any other option but to rely on Tapgage but its not worth it..  
  • Yeah you can probably use Leadbolt that the alternative I have been using I made a tutorial here

  • Thank You so much @pixelpower. I will give a shot at this today.
  • News on this front today!
  • looks like they gone bust twitter and facebook not working plus no way to contact them , i have 70 bucks earned but they are not paying out and noway to contact them on the site. anyone one else
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    @naqshbandi - Untrue. I'm not sure where you're looking, but it's all working for me:




    I'm seeing tweets from 3 hours ago...

  • i was using the above links in the original post by pixelpower,

    they dont seem to works but thanks
  • I use StartApp ads and they pay well. Getting around $2 - 10 / 1000 impressions, yes impressions and not downloads. :)
  • Hi,

    Any stats for tapgage/startapp?
    What to use for best monetizing (no admob)?
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    Check out this new crowdsourcing way to generate new leads for your App from developers around the world and increase your revenue - install4install.com :)
  • maryjoelcal88  - I'm looking for stats and NOT for installs. Anyway, useful site.
  • I havent tried Tapgage, I advise you not to try them. All I see about them here and in MMWA forums is awful comments.

    StartApp is a reliable, paying ad network with good reputation. FOR ME, it hasn't worked well. But I somehow think that I might have not given it enough "apps load". They sometimes say StartApp works best with apps that can generate high amount of traffic.

    MobileCore is an excellent network if you are OK with getting paid on CPI basis (you also need apps with quite enough traffic for it to work well). But mC got only interstitials.

    Are you after banners or interstitials? Might be worth to wait for Airpush...if only the staff could let us know when it is about to be added.
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