What would you like to see added to Andromo?



  • Firstly, I would really like the activity to add ebooks into my app.
    Secondly, I would like the activity to make games.
    At the end, I would like to activity for a forum. 

    If you make all of these activities, the service would be much more better that in other sites that offer the same service.

    P.S: Andromo is the best! xD
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    I'd like to see the following enhancements:
    • allow default zoom adjustment for map activities
    • setting to change default map view to satellite instead of map view
    • calendar activity, with integration of Google Calendars (perhaps via import of xml or ics)
    • podcast support in RSS viewer
    • ability to call other activities via explicit intent from HTML Archive or Custom Pages
    • ability to disable activities in the dashboard rather than deleting them
    • folders/categories/submenus for activities in the dashboard
    • create iOS builds
    This is the best app creation service that I have found. Keep up the great work!
  • Zoom for Maps
    Option for Walking Directions for maps.
    Auto Zoom to users geo-location upon entering Map activity
  • Hey Everyone,

    I just wanted to pass on a link to our Google Moderator page which is another place you can add suggestions and make feature requests. This doesn't supersede any suggestions made here or in our other support areas, it simply provides another interface where people can vote features up or down. Hopefully it will give us an idea how many of our developers like or want certain features.

  • * Facebook 'Like'
    * Twitter 'Follow'
    * ability to Wallpaper pictures or add to phone gallery
    * ability to add and save ringtones as etc

    I have more ,I will add later gtg out :)
  • Google Calendar integration and Directions on the map from Present location to specified location
  • I was thinking a good feature would be a selection of layouts availble to chose from.  

    One layout that would be awsome is a tabbed layout with diffrent backgrouds able to be chosen.

  • A Live-Preview of the app, especially the Dashboard, would be nice :)
  • I certainly would like to see ability to send greetings from a selection of greetings cards to emails and facebook.

    Possibly launching flash games within app will be nice or create simple 2d side scroller/platformer games will surely open the pandora box of a whole new group of talented creative people with no coding skills.


  • a camera / QR-code reader activity!
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    The ability to implement several different codes, ie: PHP, JAVA, etc. ;)

    *edit* Would also be nice to be able to have a preview of the dashboard for the purpose of the screen shots required by google play. Like me, I do not have a rooted phone therefor lacking the ability to take a screen shot. :) 
    Also, maybe a welcome page, ie: presenting the app itself before it launched into the activity icons. I am looking forward to some more updates! 
  • A forum/message board would be great.

    I am trying to set up like a Mobile updater that several users could update for say school Functions. Then get the notifications on their phone from my App.
  • Podcast playback from an RSS feed :)

  • A facebook like button directly in the app would be really nice.
  • The ability to be able to manipulate data, perform calculations and display results etc. Also to be able to create a database where data can be input and again manipulated. Another one would be to have a password button where users need to login etc to use the app would be cool.
  • The ability to model areas of ground visually in block form and the capability to assign attributes, data values etc to the individual blocks on the floor plan.
  • The ability to duplicate a build and save it with a different file name.....so where a project might be similar all of the information doesn't have to be recreated by hand.
  • Change the flag system here to a thumbs up/ thumbs down so that you can see what WE want added, which will make your job easier at priortizing things.


      I also would love to have texting available..it can use either the google contact lists or some other lists that the person has on their android phone/tablet. 


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    > Change the flag system here to a thumbs up/ thumbs down so that you can
    see what WE want added, which will make your job easier at priortizing

    You mean like our Google Moderator page? Yes, please use that! :)
  • Full functionality in the browser for website activity. If it's a site that you can watch tv episodes, I would like the browser to support that. Some links don't work. For example, I have a link to my Google developer console but the link to manage an individual apps doesn't work. It loads a blank page.
  • And maybe an optional open in native browser.
  • Facebook is Facebook.  Twitter is Twitter.  We can access these from our web browsers, and there are already apps for these.  I don't need apps that do what we can already do with other apps or our web browsers.  What I wanted to see are app builders that let us create games.  There are app builders that let us create simple quiz type games, which are entertaining for the two minutes it takes to go through the quiz, and then you can just delete the app.  I mean actual games worth playing more than once.
  • I respectfully disagree with icemanpjn opinion.

    I see the Andromo compilation as a great tool to give to a client to promote their business to their customers. They certainly do NOT want that you can go to Twitter, Facebook directly to find something else, others than their business.

    Andromo just makes that easy and quickly.

    If you want to develop a game you are not served good with Andromo (yet)
  • I would like the Push Notifications to offer this service to small businesses.
  • Perhaps support for the new jelly bean platform
  • Need the ability to be able to duplicate apps!!!!
  •  A LIST of resources where we can test our apps online? 
  • Two Things: 

    1. I would like the ability to see how big my app is whilst I'm making it, somewhere on the activities homepage, because it's a pain downloading it to see how big it is, I could make changes to it before downloading, save on heaps of builds.

    2. Just about this forum, why do I have to upload my photo each time I make a post? Why does it not just stay here once uploaded. :)

  • Different layouts or visual styles would be a great benefit to andromo users. That way all andromo apps won't look basically the same.
  • A way for the app user to like-it and "save to their favorites" to be viewed on another page of the app.
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