Anyone here making any serious money with Andromo apps?



  • Thank you @hendrixs
    How is your income level at admob .. is achievable for you
  • If you are interested in app monetization and making serious money with your app assets, we are developers and marketers that really know how to monetize apps. Our eCPM is the best around. We are in private beta, but our partner developers would vouch for our abilities. People that join early are seeing better results because we care about our brand and reputation. We are ensuring high payouts, and FAST (7 days) payouts to all of our developers. If you're interested then let me know. You can email me or PM me here on andromo. We will beat ad mob and anyone else in the market. Cheers! - Blake
  • @notifymob : Just registered on and received the beta invitation message.What I need to do know? According with the quick start guide provided it's look like I need to download your SDK and from what I know, it's not possible to integrate with Andromo apps.
  • @freeappzone: it's good and I can confirm that your targets are achievable. :)
  • Unfortunately coz of youtube video's apps my Googleplay account as been terminated , I need advice noew what to do with my 122 apps and as googleplay has been unpublished my admob income has come down from daily $22 to $1.40 so please suggest me what to do now , I am tempted to reopen a new Googleplay account but which is the best topic's in which Googleplay will allow to run our account without any notice , is affiliate url apps are allowed coz I found at googleplay search someone has published affilate programs too , and at other hand its not allow as we have read their policy see below someone is doing .....,,,,,,,,

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    Sorry to hear that. If someone is publishing such apps it doesn't automatically mean that you can too. You can include affiliate links, but you should have an app with a lot of content first (it's all in GP's Policy).

    Try to re-open an account and make proper apps. Use a different credit card, get yourself a new IP (VPN), install VirtualBox (with Linux and Firefox), and never test your new apps on your phone again.

    I'm not saying that this works 100% but it's worth a try. Google is getting better and better when it comes banning developers/publishers for life. It sucks, but it's a current reality.

    Alternative option: Form a LLC (company) and you can get a new account perfectly in compliance with GP. Also, if a friend of yours opens a new account and he publishes your apps, it should be OK, too.
  • What google ban?
    I will happy to know what in this days google like to ban in our apps - because some tell that celebrities - is not good because of google ban and here i see that youtube google play terminated. how and what good to create and be in safe place?
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    Just don't use (or overuse) any copyrighted / popular titles in your apps & descriptions, stay away from making "game guides" (unless you get the permissions)... basically, don't imitate anyone big. Do your stuff, whatever it is, and be mindful of copyrights. This stuff is serious now.

    Read and re-read all Google Play policies and Terms of Service.
  • my Googleplay account was terminated coz of youtube video' songs, well is there any other idea to hide youtube details and make app or my download videos and and make app here in Andromo , please guide.
  • Yeah google has been overly tough now. Even stuff that is public domain they sometimes ban you.
  • if you have good installs for your app, you can consider cooperate with us inentmobi, an ad network to monetize your app, just by integrating our SDK. we pay you up to $60 for every 1000 new installs.
  • App SEO and Ratings 

    How important is it to respond to people's  comments especially the negative ones? Are the ratings super important? Seems some ratings can be manipulated!  Is "damage control" part of everyday ROI or what does a succesful app developers day look like? I. E. 50% time spent developing new apps and 50% marketing them? 

    Last question, how does SEO play into bottom line profits?  I have yet to read here on the subject of APP SEO [which for say selling products & services on .com websites is mandatory].  Isn't getting an app seen above the competitions apps of paramount importance? Google Play must have their own algorithm for app placement, as they do for Google Search. 
  • I always try to respond to negative reviews. Not sure if it makes a difference.

    Yes, APP SEO is important but a very tough nut to crack. But at least if your app starts ranking high, it seems to stay there for a very long time unlike the regular Google web search where ranking changes all the time. 
  • How do i get money after making apps
  • It is paid to you by whatever ad networks you have enabled on the Monetization tab of your project.
  • Or you charge for your app and Google Play handles that...
  • appbusness is profitable passive income business for me...
  • @hendrixs after 5 years in androma how is experience now ?  are you  making any serious money with andromo apps? 
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    Andromo made things possible for me that were unthinkable before. It opened many doors and enabled me to live the life like I always dreamed of (working from home, living/traveling anywhere I wanted and be able to earn money, some luxury stuff etc.). Without Andromo, I'd still probably rot at my old job, which I heartfully hated.

    Starting this year, I transitioned out of apps and started another type of business (no secret holy grail type of stuff, it's just something more traditional, for the long-term and more automated) - that's why I'm not active on these forums anymore.

    I still think that making apps is one of the best ways to start earning some extra cash and with some luck, you could hit the big time. I dabbled with custom made apps as well, but 90% of my success came from apps made with Andromo.

    As you can imagine in 2017 things are a bit more competitive, than they were in 2012, when I started out (I discovered this service in 2013). Nevertheless, if I'd go broke and had to start all over again, I'd make apps using Andromo.

    I'll always be in debt to @colinadams and the rest of the great team that's behind this amazing product.

    Good luck!
  • @hendrixs you prove it hard work pays off with andromo. hope you success with your business 
  • @hendrixs Man, that's just awesome to hear! Thanks for the kind words - it's fantastic to hear success stories like yours. Makes all the work we put into Andromo worth it. Good luck with your new ventures too!
  • OK, I will chime in here too for a rather belated "Thank You!" to the Andromo team, along with a big description of my state before Andromo.

    I finished Electronics Engineer university degree in 2010 and could not find a job at all. My 6month OJT that was paid 170EUR/month (only!) was the only work experience I ever got. After it, complete unemployment, living with my parents with no income, excluding some 50-100EUR per month from local PC/technician related stuff.

    In Oct 2013 I found out about Andromo, paid the subscription with money I got from selling my first andromo app to a company. In Nov 2014 I got my first Admob paycheck of 180EUR (only like 15 days of work in October with ads) and in Dec 2014 my second payment of 450 EUR. Things went even better after that, but work also increased.

    In Nov 2014 I traveled abroad and got married to my 7yr old gf, as well as brought her in my country so we live here. This thing alone would not be managed at all without Andromo income since the expenses for such procedure are huge.

    Now I work hard, she helps me, income is a bit lower than 2016 due to competition, but with a few touches I have in mind things should get better. Andromo is my full time work (even though I also look for actual job in order to get medical insurance and other little bonuses) and I enjoy that I can work for my home.

    However, I repeat - I work hard, probably harder than I would work at a 9-5 job. Things aren't easy but where would I have been without Andromo in a country with 40% unemployment rate for people at my age, and almost zero working experience?

    So, this is for you @colinadams @lorne @darryl and others who might be a little more at the background of this amazing team. THANK YOU!
  • @colinadams
    Thanks, Colin! I'll keep around, because my apps are still making nice money, it's just that I don't update them anymore and I'm not making new ones. But I'll renew my subscription and update the existing apps once I'll have more time.

    Yeah, Andromo lets you live the "American Dream" from anywhere in the world. :) Nice to hear your story, buddy.
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    @hendrixs Thank you! Good luck with your (old and new) endeavors!
    BTW I kinda messed up few dates in my previous post and I cannot edit it anymore. First paycheck was of course Nov 2013, only half month or so after my Andromo subscription started.
  • @anteos Awesome to hear your story too. Thanks for sharing!  Very inspiring.
  • I just discovered Andromo, do you guys think it is worth it for me to sacrifice and start using this service? I am a freshman in college and the 99USD will be a big sacrifice so as to upgrade. Kindly tell me if 2017 is too late to start and advice on whether I should use Google playstore or Amazon

  • It is most certainly not "too late" to start. In fact, there has never been a better time to get in on app making. Yes, there is more competition out there, but there are also more people than ever with Android devices and they are all eager to try new apps.

    Every day new apps get put up on Google Play, Amazon etc that go on to get installed by millions of people. How do they do it? Good ideas. Good execution. Good promotion. Think outside the box! Try different ideas. Get the word out however you can. Just putting your app on Google Play and then sitting back isn't the end of it. Make it better. Spread the word. Spend time to make great graphics. Write excellent marketing copy.

    Learn from others and don't give up! Every app starts with zero downloads...

    If you don't try, you'll never succeed. That's for certain.
  • Dont use amazon links on trying to make money via andromo apps... Because when somebody clicks on an amazon link they "almost" force it to install the amazon app instead of buying from mobile website so there will be no tracking referal ID when people install the app and buy from there (and if the app is arelady installed in the device it will force to open it in app).
  • Please what's the benefit linking firebase to my app?
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    Benefit versus what?
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