Need Tips for creating apps safe for my Google play account

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I as an android  developer recently lost my google
developer account and cause basically is I was building Song apps with
you tube RSS feed
I just want your opinion before I upgrade my
Andromo account that how I will select any App that will remain 100%
safe for Google Play

If I can get some Detailed Idea  regarding these facts from you I can continue with more confidence. Also need advices regarding Images we can use safely in our wall paper or other apps where there may arise copyright issue for using images
Thanks in Advance
Prabir Kumar Sur


  • Hi @pksur

    I have done artists songs and YouTube so far I have issues.
    I been with Andromo over a year.
    Andromo is good
  • @pksur: Sorry to hear that. Be careful with your apps. Google is now more strict than ever! Even not assigning an appropriate "Maturity Level" to your apps can cause trouble.

    Anyway, there are many other thing you can do with Andromo, which are not related to popular movies/artists/games. About a year or two ago, this was still possible (a guy I know was making 6.000 USD per month with simple cartoons apps), but Google started to get aggressive on this type of apps.

    Wallpapers are cool as far as I know. Just try to buy the images (royalty free), or get a persmission or something. One big dev got suspended for making "game tutorial" apps, but when he was able to prove, that he has all the rights or permissions to do it, his account was restored.

    Play it safe and good luck.
  • Sorry @pksur , I was too fast with my typing .. it suppose to be 
    YouTube so far I have no issues

    Thank you @hendrixs for helping us continue our mission in app making
  • I had two accounts banned this week for Youtube apps ,although I must say they were not built with andromo.
    it was for Violation of the intellectual property.xmas songs , all generic stuff like love songs, etc
    all from youtube.
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    On top what has already been said, caution must be taken regarding ads. You ought to be careful with advertisements and make sure you partner with a trustworthy ad network so that you don't serve bulk, irrelevant ads, or use any banned ad units when engaging with your users. Some App-Stores will allow certain ad units (push notifications, icon drops, etc.), while Google Play is tightening up restrictions regarding allowable ad formats.  If you violate their policy, they will remove your app and you will lose all of your current users/installs on that particular app. Furthermore, they might ban your account completely. Don't let your hard work go to waste!

    Good Luck with your apps and the creation process!
  • youtube is 100% risky not to use youtube video's apps I have been also kick out from googleplay its there new policy even its written in youtube terms/conditions policy page,
    so,  can any member suggest here for a members who are un-skilled and fresher here , andromo which is the best and most 100% safe activity should be use to make an app for googleplay ?
    suggestion in need 
  • Displaying ads over youtube videos is the best way to get your apps banned.  You will notice that Andromo doesn't show ads when using their youtube activity.  But also if you have a Xmas App and show a lot of xmas videos that you dont have copyrights over you will get banned for this too.  Rather than try to get round it, its best to accept there is no good way of blatantly profiting from others videos.
  • hi even thought you use the andromo youtube activity and video play out of your app on youtube app, the app will either still get suspended or admob itself will disable ads on your app and call it other Google product abuse.. they have done it to me and i was shocked, i appealed but got the same automated reply the next day. Google is wicked and messed up, if you use youtube activity, you are in trouble... best not to use youtube in your app, cos their stupid bots will catch you one day.
  • From what I've seen, the biggest causes of bannings regarding YouTube are showing ads on pages with videos (embedded content, not YouTube activity), showing copyrighted content, and/or the app itself impersonating the authors of the content. Also possibly lack of content as well, like if all your app does is show other people's YouTube videos. Aside from that, I've yet to hear of a case where one of those didn't apply.

    However if you have evidence to suggest otherwise, we'd certainly like to know further details.
  • I think that if the app isn't solely based on YT video, but they are just a part of your app, and you don't display any commercial stuff (cartoons, music, etc.), you should be fine. Also, even if your app is solely based on YT videos, until you stick to non-commercial, it should be OK.
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    Heh, @darryl posted just a minute before me. :) Yeah, I agree with what Darryl has said, but if your experience is different, please share it.
  • yes maybe @darryl you are right, but whats makes downloads are youtube apps for movies, music and comercial stuff but as for me, i will never put youtube on my app again. Two accounts terminated in two months, now i cant login into the other two accounts until i get a new or different pc, before i can publish on google play. am using national network IP so no need to change IP, just pc. and i have to start telling my clients to create their own developers account, cos i dont want to be liable if my account gets terminated again.
  • Is it really necessary to buy a new PC? I've heard people talk about it, but I'm not sure. What if you just use a VirtualBox instead or try to mask your MAC address if that's what they are looking at?
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    @hendrix, i do not know about those softwares, but if they can change the name of your pc as google sees it. then ok.. just got me a fairly used pc and i can now access my other play store accounts..
  •  I would think buying a new pc is a bit extreme I use vmware and install a second copy of windows for each account and install hma on each install. then you will always use the same Ip when you login to different account .
  • It won't be your PC it will be your IP Address (and ISP servers) they trace, your google acc and other social acc's you're logged in to.  Even using a differentiated IP Address you can still be anonomously ID'd by your ISP servers.  The only viable way round that is to use mobile connection 'MIFI and dongle' may be?
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    Good idea, @tamworthheat. The only way they could identify a PC is via MAC address, I suppose, but I don't know if that data is collected.
  • for me the way i have get back on Play store is to be a different person. different bank card (not same name as the former, you can get a friends card or go register a business entity, get a bank account for it and bank card for it), different pc, you can use same mobile internet or different e.g sprint, orange etc. for instance if you were using orange GSM network for your ISP, when your account was banned, YOU DO NOT need to move to Verizon mobile internet, cos its a public ISP and there are other developers using it also, so it cannot be blacklisted by the Play Store automated system.

    And ofcourse, you wont publish same apps as was before, you would have to rebuild it on new package name and of course you do not have to use another app maker tool, because Andromo is a public tool and their key cannot be blacklisted by Play Store also cos many developers are using it. but you have to build your apps from scratch again, maybe change your account name in "About US" in app.  and if you must build same app, try to make it look different this time,  different icons, images etc . buttom line is BE a completely different person
  • Are different images necessary or is it just a precaution? A friend of mine sold his banned app to another dev, who just rebuilt it using his own key, and the app runs fine. But you never know what Google's up to and how they are improving their detection methods.
  • hi hendrixs, just my precaution on being a totally different person..
  • Hi @wole8029, OK, thanks for sharing the useful info.
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