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hello andromo users and andromo Team  i just noticed that the rule that states that we should not put admob on same page with adsense or websites having adsense has been removed from the updated admob Terms and guidelines........ or am i not seeing the right page. I always knew that guideline was obsolete and that it will never hold, cos i do not care if there is adsense on a site that i link to, i always place my own


  • That's interesting. Can you please share the link where you've read this? There are so many AdMob/AdSense/GP TOS and Policy pages I'm not sure which one to look at. ;)
  • months ago it used to be expressly Boldly written in their content guidelines  on the section that talks about how many ads in a page, but it was updated in June and commented out.
  • No!  It's still there:
    The number of ads on a single screen should not exceed one if the ad is fixed to the screen top or screen bottom. If the page scrolls, only one ad should be visible on the screen at a time...

    it just worded differently
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    hmm that has been there before, plus the specific pointing out that adsense and admob should not be on same page.... this you pointed out means same screen at a time... anyway it was just what i noticed.....
  • I think @tamworthheat is right. Check this out: (video, 16:08).

    It's still the same.
  • oops ok... hope they dont that enforcing those things
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