What would you like to see added to Andromo?



  • Instagram and Ustream would be perfect!
  • other options apart from admob , like airpush ( monetize ) or Revmob
  • Ability to play local audio files inside of an HTML Archive activity.
  • Now that it's time for me to update a lot of apps on 3 app stores, I've remembered again, how convenient would it be to "show" and "hide" certain activities. No need to duplicate apps, only "show" and "hide" option would be just fine (just like WordPress works). Pleeease, Mr. Andromo. :)
  • All those new add networks and inter-whatever-stitials are nice but, wouldn't it be good to have some new activities? I believe focusing on content and quality is way more important then just another source for advertisements most people don't want to see anyway? It seem to be a big difference between the US and Europe: People here clearly tend to uninstall add-loaded apps almost immediately.
  • @jankb: Additional ad networks were needed, especially for those people, who lost their AdMob accounts. So it's a very timely update. Also, these two new ad networks are reputable, used by many devs, and should work fine.

    There is so much you can do with HTML/CSS/jQuery and PHP when using the Archive HTML activity. Personally, I don't struggle with lack of activities, but lack of knowledge. A friend of mine, who uses PhoneGap for making custom apps, doesn't do anything that can't be done with Andromo. He made a landmarks quiz, logo quiz, soccer statistics app, a daily horoscope app and much more. All made with HTML/CSS/jQuery/PHP, which works perfectly fine in Andromo as well.

    People tend to uninstall apps everywhere on the world. :) It's perfectly normal to retain about only 1/3 of your users or less. And how do you plan to make money if not with ads?
  • Hi Hendrix, I am pretty good in PHP programming myself and indeed not lacking creativity but, there are certain limits such as using the built in camera to create a qr-scanner for example.

    Regarding the Add-Networks: I am not against adds, indeed I am using my own system, selling banner adds, including mobile websites and yellowpage-like local advertisements. I also virtualized the local bus time schedule and selling  a special taxi-call if no bus is available soon. - a Co-operation that is spreading my qr-codes across the whole area. For example, I was able to get a contract the enabled me to place a qr to a specific app to every single bus-stop, local places and train stations with 25 miles. That high local visibility makes it easy to convince the local business to pay an amount X for their ads on a monthly base. It's a bit of  "bricks and mortar", I just started with the whole thing but it is really growing fast...
  • Hey @jankb, congrats for such out of the box thinking! The idea sounds very promising. With the details provided, it makes sense, why you weren't as impressed with new ad options, like many of us. ;)

    It's always best to lay out the specifics, so that people at Andromo understand, what we want and why we want it (they've already implemented many of our suggestions).
  • I would like a toggle on each activity page that hides it from the front screen menu
  • Deep linking to "All Our Apps" on Samsung Galaxy Store. This is one of the best ways to leverage our existing user base. @lorne: Or is this possible already and I'm just missing something? Thanks.
  • @henrixs: I just checked the code and I don't think we can generate a seller link without knowing your seller ID.
  • @lorne: Thanks for checking it. If you could add an option to insert our Seller ID manually, it would be great. Getting downloads these days is harder than ever (I think everyone is noticing that) so leveraging our existing user base is becoming crucial. Things are changing.

    Also, the Show / Hide option for certain Activities (when building apps for different app stores) would be cool. Updating apps regularly is important, but it's a real time waster when you always need to delete / add options, depending on where you publish the app.


  • All I need about update is : 
    1. We can Preview the App before download. 
    2. Sub Menu.
    I begging this so much.
  • Would like the ability to download an HTML archive.  

    Sometimes I develop on one machine and then have access to my account only through another machine that doesn't have the archive.
  • @abiffmaster: A quick-fix is to store your ZIP files on Dropbox, Google Drive, or some similar service.
  • how about being able to pay monthly instead of annualy so $8 per month instead of 96 dollars down
  • A pop-up after a few activities (or minutes, or app usages) asking the user for a review. I see this in a lot of apps and it seems to work.

    Also, a feature here in Andromo, where we could post our ideas and upvote them. :) This way it would be easier for you guys to works with us, who are on "the field". ;)
  • We have a great selection of ad networks available now and a huge thank you for that. Maybe the only premium ad network still missing is MobileCore. Please consider it for a future release. It's performing well for years now and it's very popular among serious publishers/devs.
  • 1/
    +1 for Hendrixs and the "asking the user for a review pop-up"!!!

    when adding an background image to an app, it should be available for multiple use within the app.

    Example: I am having an app with several Podcast activities, every activity has the same background image.
    Still, I need to upload the same image 30 times (if the image has 400KB, I end up with an 15MB App instead of one with only 3MB).
  • Agreed with hendrixs - MobileCore would be a wonderful ad network addition.
  • mobileCore it's still the best performing ad network for me, is too bad I can't add them to my Andromo apps....
  • Hey I would like to see a slide out menu rather than a long list navigation bar in andromo because it looks cool. And when my app opens it directs users straight to the live stream but rather than use a main menu or grid or what ever else I want my app to open too the live stream then a slide out bar to navigate to the chat or what ever the user wants to go to not along drop down list in nav bar. 
  • There should be live notifications when the app retrieves the feed. I dont know what limitations do Andromo have, but I recently saw my friends app built in appyet.com and was really impressed with the notification functionality.
    Secondly, the dashboard should be converted to default slide menu which many apps support by default. (again a default feature by appyet.com)

    Andromo kindly do this ASAP... 

  • Option to remove the time stamp from YouTube RSS feed, so that the added content looks always fresh. I have several playlists from a few years ago and it doesn't look best, when listing the videos. :) Please consider this suggestions. Thanks.
  • edited November 2014
    - duplicate app,
    - submenu
    - photo
    gallerie with some customisation options e.g. long description, own URL for
    each image

    - customizing
    option to hide an activity

    - increase
    number of characters in the Custom Page – activity

  • option to add any SDK will be interesting 

  • A way to create a calendar activity please!
  • An option for the user to start/stop the soundboard manually. This way you can implement a sound loop and it's played until the user doesn't stop it. A timer would be great as well.

    Timer is something my users are asking me a lot for a long time. :)
  • The soundboard already has support for looping a track: just set the Repeat Mode to "On" in the settings menu.

    If you want to be able to loop all tracks, and keep the sound playing when the user exits the activity, those can be done if the Audio Player is in Music Player mode.
  • Thanks, @lorne! I wasn't aware of this. Cool. :)
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