Andromo App Maker for Android v4.6.0 Released

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Andromo App Maker for Android version 4.6.0 has been released.

Here is a list of changes in this version:
  • Added Facebook's Audience Network to Andromo's monetization options.
  • Updated MobileCore's SDK to verson 2.0 which resolves the Google Play notification regarding X509TrustManager.
  • Updated StartApp's SDK to version 3.3.2.
  • Updated the copyright year shown on the About dialog to 2016.
Andromo App Maker for Android v4.6.0 is now live at


  • @Darryl

    Thanks much! I already started submitting apps package names to FAN for review. They sometimes take long!

  • That's a big and important add-on! Thanks!
  • Finally we've FAN. Big thanks guys!
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    After reading the following statement am not so sure what the fill rates will be like?

    Note: Facebook's Audience Network only shows ads to users that are logged into the native Facebook app on their mobile device. As a result, fill rates can vary, so you may want to enable a second ad network that will be shown at times when no ad is available.
  • I'm one of those people who hate to use Facebook native app and am sure there are many others like me out there who only use facebook via the web browser.
  • Yes the fill rate could be as low as 40%. FAN needs to be a backup ad network, drop something else next to it in your apps, preferably admob.
    You will see great eCPMs though, you can be sure on that. Moreover, the sdk is small, it is legitimate company and you wont risk your money. Really the only con is the fill rate, but with a second ad network thats all Ok!
  • @mataan

    I completely understand your concern since I personally don't use Facebook and after reading that in FAN's documentation, I had the same concern. All ad networks make claims, and very few live up to them. The biggest difference with FAN compared to others is the fact that it is Facebook (a large trusted company), and the ad targeting should be very good since it uses information from the app (logged in user). As a result I could the ads being very effective even with a lower fill rate. That being said, it's just something you would need to try, and I suspect results will differ based on the type of app and target audience.

  • Thanks guys much appreciated your comments. 

    One question:

    If I enabled both FAN and Admob in the same app I won't lose any potential impression right? In other words, if FAN has nothing to show for whatever reason then Admob will always kick in right?

  • Yes, that is correct. If for whatever reason an ad can't be shown for one network, it will fallback to one of the other ad networks enabled in your app. If you don't have any others, no ad will be shown.
  • Congrats on the new version, guys.  How does an Andromo app decide which ad network to display first and are there significant delays when an app is switching between networks?
  • If you have multiple networks enabled, we basically flip a coin to choose one at random. If no ad is available it tries another one. All ads are preloaded before they are needed/displayed so there is no delay in showing an ad.
  • Thanks for including FAN and for the additional updates, all very much appreciated. 

    For helping us prioritize ad inventory, I have 2 suggestions which I believe would be hugely beneficial for us:

    1.  Include a mediation platform such as MoPub, HeyZap, Fyber
    2.  Provide a prioritization option within the monetization page based on eCPM that we could enter in the page or as a simple numbering against each monetization platform.
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    There is an issue with my latest build..
    whenever i exit the app and then go back the app keeps going back to the homepage and not the activity i was last using. I have notice the issue after i have published my app and it's now a big problem because it's not a good user experience to lose track where your were in the app. 

    Please help

    Thank you

    My username supposed to be fisingintheyemen 
  • There hasn't been any changes in the
    last few versions of Andromo that would have changed the behavior
    of apps in the background.

    Andromo apps follow the standard Android lifecycle where if you
    navigate to another app, the Andromo app would keep running in the
    background on it's current page in the app until the operating
    system needs it's memory, or the user kills it. So if the app is
    still running, you would open it again from the list of running
    apps. If the app has been killed by the operating system, or the
    user, launching the app again will go to the app's entry point, the
    dashboard in most cases.

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    Ok thanks for the reply, i will test it on a different phone.

    I don't mind if you want to remove my post from this thread as i reposted it in the Problems page

    Thank you 

  • Thanks for adding FAN. Anyone have eCPM comparisons with Admob yet?
  • this is good news, thanks guys, but out of curiosity, how does the two adnetwork compete if enabled. for instance we all know admob is better than FAN, ecpm, so when enabled which one becomes the dominant adnetwork, to give way for the second when no ads at the moment or when the ecpm of the other ad is greater at the moment.? thanks alot for answers
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    It is randomly allocated, but since FAN does not get great fillrate, you will get more admob ads eventually. If FAN does not have fill, admob will fill in instead.

    Admob is not better than FAN. Currently 1k of impressions of FAN gives me same revenue as 8k of impressions of admob.
  • just added FAN to my app got approved in 5 mins.. lets see how it performs
  • Good luck!
  • thanks alot anteos..glad to know FAN is a good alternative to admob.
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