Andromo App not showing ads

Anyone having their admob ads not showing up in their andromo app. 
My apps not showing any ads and no income.  Need your advice what should I do to have my admob ads pop up 
Thank you 


  • You do know that you shouldnt be trying to view your own ads, right?
    Other than that, make sure you got the correct code. You might have the banner code in the interstitial box or something. Double check! Everything works OK here.
  • Okay I will check it out 
    Thank you 
  • I had a similar issue a few days ago! I contacted support and @darryl helped me out. The AdMob test ads were showing, while there were no live ads. Darryl suggested to create a new AdMob Banner ID, which I did, and then everything worked fine.

    That was the only time that an ad ID didn't work for me. I think the issue was on AdMob's part.
  • Thank you Hendrixs.
    If nothing works,  I will get support
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    Hi @hendrixs  my app totally no admob ads. Do I need to fix my pin verification. 
    I cannot change my home  address 
  • Hi @coolappizone, I think you should contact AdMob in this case. You have to have everything in order on their end. Alternatively, you can use other ad networks available in Andromo, if you don't want to get in contact with AdMob. FAN and Amazon are great.
  • Thank you @hendrixs , I will contact Admob and also try Amazon n FAN
  • It's OK to view your own ads (and I think it's a good idea to do so, so you are aware of what your users are seeing); it's not OK to click on them.
  • @tholyoak ;Yeah, exactly. I was always wondering how do big companies do it. Imagine you have an ad supported game and an employee wants to play it. He technically works on the game. If he clicks, your company is in trouble?
  • As you guys know, there are different types of ads in our apps, like CPC (Cost-per-Click), CPM (Cost-per-Mille), CPA (Cost-per-Action).

    AdWords is very sophisticated and the advertiser gets a Quality Score for their ad based on ad viewability, CTR rate, historical account performance etc., which ultimately affects his cost of advertising and campaign performance (in case of CPM ads, they pay even when we see the ad).

    Advertising is (for now) Google's main income stream and they want the advertisers to have a good experience as possible, so they'll come back and spend more.

    If we view those ads and take no action (which we're not allowed to anyway), we're hurting that advertiser by lowering its ad performance metrics.

    That's why we needs to use test ID's, when dealing with AdMob.

    Other advertising platforms don't seem to be as draconian about it, but as we all know, there's no fooling around with Google.
  • You are not OK to watch your own ads. Don't do it, there are test ads for that purpose.
    I have heard horror stories from new admob users. Latest I heard was a guy who created admob account, integrated, viewed 2 ads, and his account got banned.

    I guess an old established account will not have such high probability of ban over such a minor thing, and I guess it is also possible the guy lied and he actually clicked an ad - but why risk it?

  • You should be setting up your device as an AdMob test device, so you don't run into this problem...

    Setting your Device as a Test Device

    Andromo allows you to define one or more devices as 'test devices' so that you will only be shown test ads on your device. You're encouraged to do this to prevent false impressions/clicks. You can get your device ID by installing Andromo's Device ID Utility App on your device(s), copying each ID and entering them in the "AdMob Test Device IDs" field.

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    @hendrixs Yeah I think either the seasonal low or I have been affected by their "Quality score" in a weird way. I've been consistently getting between 0.1$ and 0.2$ per click for the past month or so, with lower priced countries sometimes coming in at cents per click.
    Around November my CTR stabilized at 0.5% and it is staying that way.
    Back in November and December , however, I was getting several times of what I'm making now per click, with some good clicks netting close to a dollar. I haven't seen a single one like that this year. My users are mostly from the US too.
    I know January and February are low season, but it seems to be more than that. Today in the morning I had 2 clicks which resulted in less than 0.1$ estimated revenue, with an RPM of ~0.5$ over the last 30 days. Is that normal?

    Do you know if there's any way to get the quality score back in check? I don't really have any influence over how the users interact with the ads and I am not encouraging clicks in any way. My apps are making slightly less despite more than tripling the impressions and clicks compared to 2 months before.
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    It's the seasonal low. It'll get better, but we can't know, if it's going to be as good as a year or two before (February 2017 vs. February 2016).

    QS is only applied to AdWords accounts. There the advertisers run their ads which are shown in our apps.

    I've seen only a very small decline in CTR for banners and interstitials over time. It's probably because people are developing "banner (ad) blindness". I don't expect that to improve.

    However, Native Ads are new, they get people "by surprise", so the CTR's are much higher. But that's still quite new (Express Native Ads are available to everyone, but Advanced version is only available to select publishers for now) and yet to find it's way to Andromo.

    At the end of the day, there's no point worrying about eCPM in AdMob. You can't do anything about it. We have to wait it out. Alternatively, you can add FAN to your apps (next to AdMob), set the setting to show highest eCPM ads only, and that should help. Mediation would be a more sophisticated solution, but that's yet to come.
  • Hi All,
    my ads showing after i verify my google adsense pin received today.
    All back normal and ads appearing

    thank you
  • Hi, that's cool, thanks for letting us know!
  • My apps ads running and made around $60 this month without doing anything after uploading my app to Google Play Store 
    Thank you all 
  • @coolappizone
    That's awesome! Keep up the good work and your revenue will manyfold.
  • My app after building showed ads only the first day, after then till now it no longer show ads. I had to follow a comment here, created another admob account thinking the issue could be from admob,even with the new account it isn't still showing ads. Please how do i resolve this?

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