Google play plus other appstore

Hi @anteos Hope you are  doing well !
   Please can i publish my apps in another store like Getjar or others  after i published all of them in goggle play store?



  • You can submit in most of the other stores even if you do not publish in Google Play.
    Just remember for amazon and samsung you need the respective builds. The other stores, you can simply submit the GP build.
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    Do you guys actually get a lot of downloads from other stores? For me, Amazon is a thing for 1 random app that is more popular there than on GP, otherwise not much happening there, I get maybe 5-10% of Google Play numbers from all other stores combined. Feels pretty much not worth the hassle of uploading and updating apps there.
  • I get more downloads in alternative stores than Google Play. But it involves serious work, it is not just upload and forget. You still need to update apps there, answer to comments if any, etc
  • That's encouraging to know, @anteos! I never had luck with alternative app stores (I'm not counting Samsung and Amazon as alternatives).

    Samsung gives me about 1/10th of volume that I get on GP, but it's still worth it. Amazon was better in the past, but even when my free app was #1 in its category, it only got 250+ DL/day vs. 3.000+ on GP. But I got lucky with some paid apps there (one was netting me over 100 USD/day for quite some time).
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