Will andromo add Admob Video ads?

ngage users with rewarded video and maximize the value of content
AdMob rewarded video ads are ad formats that give users the choice to engage with an ad in exchange for an in-app reward. With rewarded video ads, you can reward users with in-app items for watching video ads.
At GDC this week, we launched Google’s video advertising demand from AdWords, making it accessible to all AdMob developers. With AdMob rewarded video ads, you will now have access to Google demand, opening to a wider range of monetization opportunities.
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Why AdMob rewarded video?
  • [New] Access the scale of Google’s video demand: Now access the breadth and scale of Google’s video advertising demand from AdWords presence across over 40 countries to ensure geographically diverse demand
  • Diversified demand with rewarded mediation: help ensure that there’s always an ad available to show, and that the ad shown is the most valuable to you
  • User-friendly ad formats: Clear guidance to users at all touchpoints, including opt-out option for full user control over ad experience
  • Great User Experiences: Provide users with highly engaged ads which render the best possible experience, for example, landscape and portrait video formats
Adventure Duck GameUser Features
  • Countdown timer
  • Exit prompt warns of loss of reward
  • Delayed install - brought to store on completed view
Adventure Duck GameEnd Card (optional install)
  • User receives reward for view - no need to install
  • Button turns green on video completion - brings direct to store
AdMob rewarded mediation supports integration with Cocos2d-x and Unitygame engines.
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  • This would require being able to reward the user with something for watching the video, which is geared more toward games.
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    @tholyoak I think some people make custom games in Andromo. Also, it would be cool to hide some activities, or some tasks in activities as paid content that requires a video watch (to enable it for a certain time) or in app purchase to unlock permanently.
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    Unfortunately, HTML5 games don't work in Andromo - they do, but there's no sound. At least that was the case a while ago.

    In my custom apps, I didn't hide the activities - I just listed all of them and people could unlock them by watching a video. Nowadays, I use offerwalls from Fyber, because they pay much better than RWA's.

    There's going to be a RWA Masterclass from AdMob at 4 PM today (London time). I'm going to record the webinar and watch it later, tho. They'll cover games mostly, but they have 1 utility app example prepared. I'll let you know if there will be anything interesting.
  • I've had good luck with HTML5 games playing sound just fine. I just host them on our own server and then frame them using the "WEBSITE" activity in Andromo. Works great. 

    The problem, of course, is attracting an audience for a new game where the competition is fierce. It seems like everyone and their brother & sister is a game developer these days. 
  • @keithco That's an awesome workaround! Thanks for the share.
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    The invite-only Masterclass is over and it's a Q&A session now. The utility app example was a fictional newspaper app.

    The RWA implementation was presented like this:

    Article Pass: Buy for 5 USD
    Hour Pass: Buy for 15 USD
    Day Pass: Watch 30 second video

    That's clever.

    @darrly, @lorne, that's a good example for future if you'll consider adding RWA's. :)
  • @keithco What do you mean frame them with "Website" activity? Honestly speaking I missed going back to this topic and that was a maaajor mistake. I just finished a game I was working on using one of the HTML engines. I was extremely excited that the Andromo HTML archive activity scales well so a couple weeks of work went into it and well.. the problem was, of course during the last step, which is when I linked all the final versions of all the sound effect files out there in my html code and.. just when reading about it here found out they won't work. Finding a hosting for them online is not a solution (it might work for a background song, but not for dozens of sound effects that have to be played hundreds of times, in real time). Needless to say, I was disappointed. How did you manage to work your way around it with the Website activity?
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    I'm pretty sure that his games are hosted on a web server, where you can access them via any browser. With "Website" activity he links to his own URL. I remember trying this a few years ago and it was an OK solution - the only problem was if the controls were too close to the AdMob banners or if banners overlapped a portion of the game. In this case (if you're not the creator of the game) there was nothing you could do.
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    @hendrixs ;; Oh, that makes sense. At least for some games.
    The problem with that is that the whole game requires an internet connection. Basically the Andromo app is just a client for opening up a game online, just like you'd do in a browser. My first game is over 30MB in size, and that is just a "demo" (for a free version). I was really hoping to make it all offline and I was really excited for the HTML archive activity. As a matter of fact, I still am. Just wish it did sound!
  • I think you can do that with Construct 2 or GameSalad. I'm not entirely sure, tho.
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    Sucks to think it's so close (as otherwise everything works really well the way I wanted it) but yet so far (no sound). I checked GameSalad and Construct 2 but I already made my games with a different tool precisely for the type of games I wanted to make. Andromo has the capability of actually wrapping it up and making an .apk out of it and adding adds on top of it, it's really painless and simple and works otherwise really well!
    The only thing holding it back is no sound (well, in app purchases or incentivized videos would make it perfect but that's another level).
    From what I checked, the others can only import games created with them. They're also an additional expense - they seem to be great for making platformers, shooters etc, but that comes with additional cost and added complexity, and is not what I was looking for. I only wish to wrap my html to an app.
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