Andromo App Maker for Android version 5.0.2 has been released.



  • @lorne Thanks for replying. Changing the aspect ratio of the feature/wide image within the activities doesn't affect the card height, correct? I'd be willing to pay a little for custom item styles since I can't really update my apps until the card heights are changed...
  • @atlas that's correct, changing the aspect ratio of the feature image only affects the height of the feature image (and the toolbar, depending on your settings).

    The aspect ratio of the card image is set to 16:9 inside the item layout, and that aspect ratio does not change regardless of the feature image settings.

    We should have some shorter card styles in the next update (5.0.4 most likely). I actually implemented support for changing the card aspect ratio this morning, but we decided not to add any new card styles yet for the 5.0.3 deploy.

    Is there a specfic aspect ratio you would you like to see added for the card styles? (We were thinking 3:1.)

  • Work is also still progressing on the background image support -- be aware that it is not a quick/small change, but it has been my primary focus since early last week.
  • @lorne Thank you so much for adding shorter card styles! I think a 3:1 ratio would be perfect for the look I'm going for.
  • @lorne Thank you for your work on 5.0.3, looking forward to the background images addition!
  • yeah.. i keep waiting for the background images too...
  • My full love and support for the background images as well.
  • still waiting the andromo update regard to the background images.. im pending so many new release apps becoz of this function... please help on this urgently!
  • It's being worked on. It's not a quick or simple change, but it's coming.
  • colinadams You guys are great.
  • I have to put my 2 cents in as well.
    Like many of the other andromo users, my apps are strictly "background image" on main screen and whenever I have an audio or podcast activity I also have a background image.

    Since I was curious how users will react if I update the app without background images by using "List:title description"  I updated 2 of my apps last week.

    Today I checked my new reviews and my email and here are 3 of the comments/reviews I received:

    * I gotta say though, your new is terrible, is plain Jane and generic, I'd like to see it more old timey. Like the way it was. Now it reminds me of the generic boring look of Facebook.

    * Liked the old one much better, it now looks like all the other apps.

    * Please change back to old verson!!! I do not like the look and feel. Please!

    I think its great that andromo users now have to option of using a modern design, but from my point of view the old version worked very well too. For my apps I simply do not need the Card or Grid settings. List and a background image was fast to create and worked perfectly fine over the past years (and still does!).

    So, a huge +1 for the background image feature!
    Thanks a lot!

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