Andromo App Maker for Android version 5.0.2 has been released.

Andromo App Maker for Android version 5.0.2 has been released.

Here is a list of changes in this version release:

  • Changed the names of the dashboard item styles list.
  • Fixed a bug where activity square images weren’t being handled correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where the Website activity’s image wasn’t shown on the dashboard when ‘Open website in external browser’ was enabled.
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘set picture as’ option wasn’t working in the Photo activity.

Andromo App Maker for Android v5.0.2 is now live at



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    Does this update include (background under photo and music activity)?

    Thank you for your great work. <3
  • Looks great so far! I'd appreciate it if you could allow us to add a background image or change the color of the background in the Audio Player activity.
  • Also, on the next update, can you add an option to remove the "about xxx" from the navigation drawer?
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    @atlas Yes, im agreed with you to remove "ABOUT" and to add the background images as promised.
  • They promised the background images for next week. We will have to give them some time to sort out bugs and work on it as well.
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    Adding a background image to the Dashboard is a MUST.

    How can we explain to our clients that with the latest app update the dashboard can't have a background? This will create an ocean of problems.

    I appreciate the work you are doing, Andromo staff. But please don't try to fix something which is not broken.
  • yes background image is must for apps...previously i use background image in my all app... but now i m not able to upload a background image
  • I really don't see the problem with not having a background image. With the new update everything looks really nice and modern and when sub-dashboard becomes availible, we can make fantastic apps in my opinion.
  • @olros  The problem occurs when you have made over 3000 apps for different clients and when an existing client asks you to modify the app with something.

    Then you go ahead and tell him: "Dear client, I can get it done, but the app can't have a background now. However, this way it will be more modern (and blah blah)"

    Then the client goes like: "Dude, I did not ask of you to make my app more modern. I liked it the way it was" 

    Then you go like: "I understand, but this is now in guidelines with Google and Android design trends... (and other blah blah lies)"

    Then the client goes like: "Dude what on earth are you talking about???!!!! I want that background back in my app ASAP!!!! I did not ask you to remove the background!!!!!!"

    Then you start sending refunds to existing clients because for some mysterious reason you decided not to put the background in the apps you made for them.

    You get the point?
  • Have a look at this for example:

    How on earth are you going to communicate with a client and explain that now this app is going to look great without the background image?
  • To everyone, adding a background image option will be looked into next week, as mentioned a few times already.

    Wanting a minimal amount of changes made to an app based on a client's wishes is one thing, and your point has been made. However saying that the app can't be made to look good without a background image is another. I don't know how much you've explored the new features, but for example, creating a nice feature image that is either shown outside the standard toolbar, or inside an expanded toolbar, along with a nice background color, and you'd likely be surprised how nice it would look. So regardless of the coming background image option, I'd suggest experimenting with things a little more and perhaps provide several options.
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    @paraglajder This is not the place for personal attacks. Dial it back. @olros was stating his opinion that he's enjoying the new features, and he's not alone.

    We've already said that we will be investing the background image options next week. Nothing is going to happen this weekend. It's Canada's 150th anniversary today as well. The whole country is shut down, including us.

    Hey, we understand that some of you are fond of the old look. You're used to it and frankly it's flattering that you think we perfected things 5 years ago... We'll do our best to accommodate the background image, despite it being antiquated.

    For everyone else, there's lots of new stuff to explore in Andromo 5 that will make your apps look better than anything you could have done in v4. I'd suggest starting with the 49 screenshots I posted on the blog today, despite the holiday weekend...

    That will help you a ton, being able to visualize the different options, and explains how to choose images for your activities to match the Dashboard style you choose. It's much easier than you may think at first glance.

    You see, Andromo v5 is now very smart about automatically picking and matching colours to your images. Whether you are brand new to Andromo or you've been making apps with us for years, the best way to see it in action is to start a new app with 2 or 3
    activities. Keep the defaults. Add some photos to your Activity's "featured" image setting. We will automatically crop, resize and do everything else if you keep the defaults.

    Then build your app and try it out. See what it does. Only then should you move on to making it more complicated or upgrading your old apps.

    Either way, take it one step at a time and you'll be putting out head turning apps in no time.

  • Oh! And welcome to all new members and paid subscribers! The response to Andromo 5 has been huge! We haven't seen this level of new subscribers in ages. Glad to have you on board and thanks for all the feedback, positive emails and constructive comments you've been sending in. You are why we do this!

    Almost 2,000 builds in the past 48 hours. Our servers are holding steady and not even breaking a sweat. w00t!
  • @colinadams ;

    Hopefully you did not understand my messages the wrong way, I am very grateful for your response here and in my support tickets, I can see that you guys are serious about what you do.

    And I know that a good looking app can be built with version 5.

    But as a customer I just wanted to point out that some upgrades can be made like the background image so that we avoid having to deal with angry clients for whom we have been making apps.

    Great to hear that you are working on it and I am looking forward to it!

    I love Andromo and it has been putting food on the table for me personally .

    So again, I am not attacking, just explaining
  • Keep up the great work, and hopefully the dashboard screenshots will be back soon.
  • @paraglajder Good stuff. We hear you and will be working on it.
  • I really like the card: wide image + title description, but I was wondering if there is any way to adjust the height of each wide image on the dashboard. My apps tend to have dozens of activities, so scrolling through the list would take a long time when only 2 wide images fit per screen. If it's not possible yet, I'd really really appreciate it if you could implement a height input so that we could fit 4-5 wide images per screen. Thanks for all the hard work on this update guys!
  • I would love to add the option to hide "Share" in the Podcast activity, also to add the styles that have the other activities.

    It would be nice to display a header on the dashboard main screen.
  • Basically I lost all the work of 6 months, I have to start from 0, thanks andromo.
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    @absordor Thanks. That's a bug in Radio activities only, and oddly it's been there for years! It has been fixed now. Try it out!

    @josue83 Adding an option to control podcast sharing is on the todo list, but it has a relatively low priority at the moment. You can already use a header on the main Dashboard. That's what the "Feature Image" is for.

    @martination You don't need to start from 0. What do you mean by that?

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    @atlas: the height of the cards is determined by the individual item style; the card styles are currently set to a 16:9 ratio (as recommended in the material guidelines). We'll definitely consider adding some shorter styles in the future, though.

    (Depending on demand, we might even offer a subscription level with support for custom item styles, too...)

  • disappointed native ads was not implemented in this release
  • @lorne ;
    @colinadams ;

    Guys do you have a rough estimation when can we expect to see the option to add dashboard background images back again?
    I don't mean to be a menace, but my old clients are threatening me.
  • @naqshbandi The new Andromo v5 platform makes it possible for us to add features like native ads that could not be done on the old v4 platform. That's on the list.

    @paraglajder It's being worked on and progress is being made.
  • Thanks for all Andromo, please add Native support, and I see a little bug in Admob banner, it doesn't appear until I change the position of my phone to landscape :(
  • @colinadams  THANK YOU very much guys.  Also, I am starting to get into the new Andromo dashboard styles and they are excellent, especially when you need to make an app with just two activities for example. Fantastic work on the style screenshots, they helped very very very much!

  • @logiblogs The AdMob issue on certain sized devices is currently being worked on and will be fixed. As Colin mentioned, native ads is on our list, but there are few things we need to finish before looking at that.
  • @darryl let us know when the admob banner issue is fixed because I am trying to update my apps. 

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