GDPR - Are the SDKs of other ad networks compliant/updated?

Hey guys,

I am releasing few new apps that I planned to monetize with admob, FAN and Startapp.
Do you plan any sdk update, especially for Startapp? At which sdk version are we now? Because they have been emailing that we need the latest 3.84 which is their GDPR compliant sdk.
Maybe I should refrain from using startapp for now until you update? The deadline seems near.


  • Yes we will be putting out a release of Andromo containing updates and SDK updates related to GDPR. Unfortunately not all the related information/sdk updates has been made available yet, so we're waiting for additional details. All of Andromo's release details including versions of ad network SDKs can be found on our blog -

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    To be “GDPR compliant”, simply means that you need to obtain consent from EU users that they are OK with you using their “personal” data. Crazy as it may seem, that “personal data” includes the device identifier used by every ad network on the planet to deliver personalized ads. Same for analytics. Without that info though, the only thing the ad network can do is send over old school untargeted ads... Frankly, the ad networks are scrambling because that destroys everything they built and sold to advertisers over the past decade.

    Even Google is scrambling, not just smaller players. Google will not even switch on their “GDPR” support for live testing until May 25... Pretty tough for anyone to deal with, but we are doing what we can.

    Andromo’s existing EU launch notice feature and terms of use feature are already available to you, but as soon as Google gets its act together and other ad networks decide to work with the same process, we will improve that support as well.

  • I see there are more problems involved than what  a casual look would show...
    Thanks to both of you for letting me know. I see now that no ad network is safe, even admob.
    I do not like the EU consent policy popup and have been removing it, but seems like, when you edit it I will have to start using it again. Tough times -.-
  • For more good laughs about what a mess this is, Google still hasn’t even released their AdMob consent sdk... 
  • Any news about this topic? I feel it is important for the good health of our accounts. Thanks
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    We’re working on it, but it’s like pulling teeth. Very few ad networks so far have rolled out support for non personalized ads (npa). AdMob says they will by the end of the week. Amazon and Facebook seem to care less. It’s the smaller guys like Applovin and StartApp that are ahead of the others...

    So, to make a long story short, hopefully we will be able to test out admob’s NPA support in the next few days. We are putting code in place to get a (blind) running start, but they aren’t in any hurry to make it easy on Android devs.

    Despite these “challenges”, we’ve got a plan that we’re moving forward with that will disable non gdpr compliant sdk’s for eu users automatically based on geographic location. You still need to use the EU cookie notice though, as not one ad network as so far chosen to forgo at least local storage tracking... If Google etc wanted to, it could have been just a simple switch in their control panel for compliance.

    Then, once we get a final release version of the “consent sdk” that Google is working on, and some ad networks adopt it, we can move to asking for consent for Personalized Ads for eu users. Honestly though, It’s hard to imagine how many people opt in to that, but that’s why everyone wants actual wording and guidance from Google et al. It’s just not there yet.

    In the meantime though, if you are operating in the EU or target EU app users, you are going to want to make yourself familiar with GDPR, EU cookies and if you don’t have a privacy policy or terms of use for your app already (you really should by now though), you need to educate yourself.
  • @sylviathewitch Yes we've seen it.
  • Update: Thanks to a Herculean effort these past weeks, we should be ready to roll out the update described above by early next week.

    I can’t even begin to describe how poorly this “regulation” was thought out and just how frustrating Google’s lack of leadership has been... They are saying one thing publicly to appease the regulation, but the “tools” they are giving developers at the 11th hour are less than useful. Of course their whole business is built on buying, selling and profiting on “personal” data, so it’s not wholly surprising, but still. Geez. Ok, rant off.
  • Thank you all for your work behind the scenes.
    Please, when you are ready to release, also give us some guidelines based on what you have managed to learn these past weeks. What can we do to increase our chances of an app which will survive in GP without problems?
    For example, the EU Consent Policy popup now should be essential, right?
  • Hi give me date for add sdk to andromo 
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