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  • `Hello support team of 'andromo' after I have enabled the advanced experimental monetizer for 21 days, the unexpected results of my abmod and facebook accounts simultaneously disabled and that is disabled. my adsense. I am very disappointed with all…
  • I have just registered the 1 month pro package for my 'andromo' account, after registering I proceed to cancel renewal of the next month for my pro package and get the message: 'You have canceled your subscription for the next months, you can still …
  • How long have you not updated your app builder system, Facebook ads have updated to the new sdk, you have not added new features either. really spend more than $ 200 worth it. I'm thinking about whether I should continue to rank with you? so you wil…
  • Need to add a few features  Hello andromo's support team. Thanks to you for adding a few features integrated rss feed filter include:  Module for finding posts in rss feed in the app, showing the number of unread posts, read posts, favorite posts, d…
  • Hello  I no longer see andromo's ad network options in the monetization tab to activate or cancel them
  • I have created a news reader application that works mainly with rss feed, the default I configure for each page is up to 10 articles, How can I automatically turn pages to read the next posts? according to the? Another question is whether there are …
  • Help me  Hello adromo's support team,  I am currently building a news app that works as a rss feed, and I fold the error as follows: the application loads very slowly when I post in rss showing more than 100 articles if I display less then The appli…
  • Hi!
I am currently waiting for the upcoming andromo features so I have not renewed the service. I am really looking forward to and hope to create an application on the platform for iOS. thanks.