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Hey all.

Amazon Interstitials has been launched. The traffic is mostly US, but I believe that in time they will have more worldwide campaigns, as happened with their banner. Their eCPM for interstitials seems to be around USD 4.00 - USD 4.50.

More info:



  • We are planning to release an update to Andromo with Amazon interstitial support in the near future.

  • This was added to Andromo yesterday. Check it out and let us know how they perform for you!
  • Yeeey! :) Thanks, much appreciated. I'll do a test run in my upcoming app.
  • Hi guys im curious if the use of Admob on Amazons app store works properly, and if it does is it advisable to use it? or which is more practical to use in Amazon Appstore "Admob" or "Amazon adds". Can you give me some great insight. 

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    I thought Amazon won't allow you to use AdMob in their Appstore, I got an email a while back about this
  • I have been using Admob without problems in their store. They just don't like admob interstitials anymore.
  • I haven't had any trouble with Admob interstitials on Amazon.
  • thank you guys, base on your answers and from the other thread i will use admob i think its better. :)
  • I too don't have any issues with AdMob on Amazon. Maybe things have changed, but I remember reading somewhere on Amazons' site (a while ago), that 3rd party ad networks are fine with them. But since they are getting stronger and stronger with banner ads and now with their own interstitial ads, it would be normal to expect, that they'll try to "enforce" their own ad network.
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