Mmedia- Unable to validate Content am sick of this seriously!!!

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Hello andromans, after taking a look at the alternative ad networks to admob presently available on Andromo monetization tab for my youtube movies and music apps, I see that just Mmedia provides a wide range for supported countries and non Play store apps. but each time I try to add Mmedia to my app, after waiting for two to three days i get "Unable to Validate Content" I think its absolutely stressfull and a waste of time, how can they say that, and when i check the meaning of that, it says "significant number of bugs or crash" This is not good for Mmedia what bug are they refering to, that play store and samsung didnt see, even Nokia store gets approved quickly??. Please Andromo we need a stress free banner and interstitrials alterntive to admob. what about inmobi,mopub heard they are also good.....


  • I have gotten the same thing. I just resubmit with more information and offer to send them a copy of the apk. Then finally they approve it. I wish andromo would add Airpush and Revmob so that will can a bigger range of options. 
  • hi lawrence, thanks, please what "more information" do you send them each time and how to you contact them, thru the resubmit  note or via contact support. also how to you send them the apk, or you just offer to send them?
  • When that happened to me, I replied to the notification asking exactly what the problem was. Instead of giving me an answer, they replied saying it had been approved.

    I've found the biggest issue with MM, however, is that the majority of the time the ad requests were not being filled in the few days that I experimented with them. I've now gone back completely to Admob.
  • thanks @thalyoak, i am fed up with them already even not yet started with them i replied them and i st6ill got the failed response... I dont think i can use andromo anymore for my youtube apps, cos of lack of ad network..
  • It's been 5 days since I added my apps and sent test ads to mMedia and they still havent reviewed them...
    it is indeed annoying, and it will be a reason for getting pissed if they actually refuse me. They will have delayed me way too long and all for nothing
  • Yeah, advertising doesn't really work in a YouTube app. I just sell mine instead.
  • they apologised that it was a bug, and approved all my apps at once,,, so added others also.. but some days now.. more than 400 clicks and less than $2  very poor for me, i can imagine if it was admob, i should have earned far, more.. and they have just one ad network in theri mediation.. not excited about them at all...if they wer not youtube apps, i would have used admob.....
  • @tholoak, how do you sell them please and to who do you sell your apps to?
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