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  • > All my button images are gone. I don't even know how to set them like I had them before. How to I change the button images?

    @lawrence72117 I think you are meaning the activity "icon" from v4.

    If you want to square images ("icons") on the Dashboard, simply:

    1. Set your Dashboard Item Style to "List: square title subtitle 01"

    2. Then on the activities, make sure to set the " square image " to supply
    your own 'icon" graphics (PNG with alpha is supported).

  • is there a way to have a background images show in dashboard and also in each activities?

    @chempaka - Having a background image on a dashboard or audio activity is not in keeping with Material Design principles. Instead, all activities support a "feature" image . That is the modern thing to do. You can also set the background color and/or text color however you like.

    That being said, we aim to please and are looking into some options as to how we can support that anyways for people who simply just love that old legacy look...

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    Got the answer to my question.
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    @colinadams ;  I appreciate your support.

    I have been trying to use my own icons in the dashboard list menu. So I did as instructed: 

    The dashboard style is -- List: square title subtitle 01
    And in each activity I upload a square image where asked. 

    But I still don't see them on the dashboard.

    Please see the attachments.

    I don't know how that orange text appeared in the Toolbar as well, as all colors are set to Global.
    Please help me out I have been with you guys since 2014 and made over 3400 apps.
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    @paraglajder You should open a support ticket so we can help you out. I think you are confusing the "Nav Drawer" with the Dashboard... You also appear to have set your primary text color to white, and then your Window and Background colors to a shade of white. Anyhow - open a support ticket. You may also want to slow down for one second and make a brand new test app. Try out the defaults before you start changing them...
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    @colinadams  The navigation drawer is the sliding menu which opens when you touch the top left button. And the dashboard is the menu which can be set as List, Grid and Card, it is where I can't place the icons. I believe I got it right?

    I am aware that in the navigation drawer the icons can't be changed. And that an the Dashboard a background image can't be set. I just needed my icons to be set next to the activities in the dashboard in the List: square title subtitle 01 menu.

    I've been reading this forum, the Knowledge Base for many hours now, because my life depends on this, and yes, I am testing on one app for now.

    Anyway, I will open a support ticket, I just hope someone will respond quickly.
  • Can we have our logo on the toolbar like previous?
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    @colinadams  I have done ALL what you have advised me to do till I wasn't able to sleep for the whole night to keep testing the solution. Anyhow, I managed to redesign my apps as previous setting except the background images.

    The conclusion is, andromo 5 cannot provide my app the background images as before. What i understand feature image cant be the background images in the dashboard background, its only I can replace with COLOR. which Is look not attractive at all.

  • I'm all for the old, the new is great if that's the style of metro apps that you want to make ie coffee shops and restaurants but for the apps that I have made it just isn't suitable. Keeping the old and adding the new in as a choice would have been the better move not removing all the old settings all together. This is going to be a pain when a client wants an update and it's looking totally different with none of the supplied images. I'm just going to stop my automatic renewal to this software and try something else.
  • My situation is that the sliding menubar is only showing in the dashboard. What is the setting to make so that it appears on every activity page. Please advise
  • How should we proceed if we cannot create new graphics for 500 apps, we can only reuse the background images we had before?
    How can I for example make the dashboard look good, with a background image as it used to be, without having to use high quality graphics like how you show us in the Coffee example app?
    Some kinds of apps with 30+ activities cannot benefit from the style you have showed. If all activities are represented with photos, noone will ever scroll down enough to see all 30+ activities.

    I understand Andromo Team is also disappointed at our reaction to what they worked for a year plus. But this is big change (well done for that) but some kinds of apps, like radio apps for example, do not benefit from it at all.

    I personally pushed Andromo to the side for few days until the Knowledge Base is filled up and some people answers are answered here. It is just too stressful to keep testing if you don't know what you are doing.
  • How do you control the colours in this thing? Every time I build my app the toolbar is a different colour. It sucks having to build the app a million times just to see what the change is. Built my app without touching any colours any my toolbar was blue, built again in turned green, built again it was still green until I went into an activity and it was orange inside that activity... aarrrrrggg so confused.
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    @anteos @chempaka ;As I mentioned previously in this thread, we have heard the request about background images in audio activities and have discussed it internally. I'm happy to report that we will be working on that next week and will make it available as soon as possible.
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    @colinadams ;I have a problem... if i set a browser activity to be opened in externaly browser in Dashboard the activity has no custom icon (square or wide), only a color. Please fix! Thanks
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    @colinadams ; Thank you so much for your concern! Really appreciate it.

    Making apps for me is a hobby but the passive income that I get from this kind of hobby is so marvelous!

  • @rottencorpse1976 ;  what you have to do is just do the setting at the THEME tab- go to Global Color Settings, and then when you go the DASHBOARD and ACTIVITIES bar, you just choose the "Inherit from Theme" only.
    Like myself, i don't like the navigation tool to be appeared in my apps, so i just unclick the button.

  • My situation is that the sliding menubar is only showing in the dashboard. What is the setting to make so that it appears on every activity page. Please advise

    @atanugupta the Nav Drawer is a common and standard material design Android user interface. It is meant to slide off to the left side of the screen and hide itself after making a selection. You can then access it at any time you want again by sliding your finger from the left side of the screen across to the right.
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    Here is a list of changes in this version release:

    • Changed the names of the dashboard item styles list.
    • Fixed a bug where activity square images weren’t being handled correctly.
    • Fixed a bug where the Website activity’s image wasn’t shown on the dashboard when ‘Open website in external browser’ was enabled.
    • Fixed a bug where the ‘set picture as’ option wasn’t working in the Photo activity.

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